Le Presse Papier : Invitez art et design sur vos murs

Le Presse Papier, papier peint design

Depuis l’origine de ce blog, j’ai eu l’occasion de vous faire découvrir de nombreux artistes et graphistes se servant des murs comme support d’expression. Quand on pense à l’art mural, actuellement le street-art vient tout de suite à l’esprit, mais ce serait extrêmement réducteur de s’y limiter. D’ailleurs, les murs ont sans doute été l’un des premiers supports artistiques de l’être humain : A Lascaux ou à la Caverne du Pont-d’Arc, nos lointains ancêtres avaient déjà compris l’intérêt du volume et de la verticalité pour mettre en scène leur graphisme ! Et plus encore, les arts décoratifs, pourtant très présents sur les murs de nombreuses cultures depuis la nuit des temps, souffrent souvent d’un certain manque d’intérêt. Aujourd’hui, je vais donc aborder le design mural sous l’angle des "arts mineurs" et vous présenter une maison d’édition de papier peint design : Le Presse Papier.

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Sur les murs de Lisbonne

Lisbonne street art

Lisbonne est une ville magnifique ! Capitale du Portugal, pays bien connu pour ses fameux Azulejos (entre autres), ces carreaux aux motifs variés et colorés qui ornent les façades des bâtiments, des plus simples aux plus raffinés. J’ai eu la chance de visiter la ville dernièrement, et les murs sont en effet magnifiques, mais aussi grâce au street art ! Grande surprise pour ma part, je ne m’attendais pas du tout à ce genre d’art à Lisbonne. En fait, il s’avère que beaucoup de bâtiments de cette vieille cité sont en attente de restauration, la municipalité étant propriétaire de nombre d’entre eux. Pour valoriser ces façades détériorées, le conseil municipal a décidé de les proposer aux meilleurs artistes internationaux, leur permettant de s’exprimer sur des surfaces conséquentes, en plein coeur de la ville ! Une idée que je trouve géniale, qui prouve l’ouverture d’esprit des habitants et des pouvoirs publics. Ci-dessous je vous propose quelques clichés des oeuvres que j’ai pu croiser, mais sachez qu’il y en a beaucoup, vraiment beaucoup plus (plusieurs centaines je pense). En espérant vous avoir donné envie de visiter cette belle ville !

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Deep Frequency par Angélique Paultes

Deep Frequency, short animation film by Angélique Paultes

Deep Frequency is a short animation film directed by Angélique Paultes. More precisely it's her graduation work in the Lyon based school Emile Cohl. The music has an important place in the movie, it's almost a music video. classical 2D animation is mixed up with motion design sequences.

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Lo Siento, barcelona design studio

Lo Siento, studio de design à Barcelone

I recently visited Barcelona, which is a very inspiring city for a designer. One evening I was looking for a typical tapas restaurant in the old streets of the city and I stumbled on the restaurant Bar Brutal, which has a great visual identity, with wide letterings painted on windows. Eventually I ate in another place but back at home I looked for the creator of this nice graphic design work and I discovered Lo Siento, a design studio full of character.

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Le conte de la princesse Kaguya - Isao Takahata

I recently saw The Tale of Princess Kaguya, last movie from Ghibli studio, directed by Isao Takahata. As a big fan of animation movies and Ghibli studio, it's always a great time to see their production in theatre. Based on an old japanese tale, the story has an interesting philosophical aspect but could be understood and appreciated by a large audience, like almost all the Ghibli's productions. By the way, we can find a kind of melancholia as in the last movie of Miyazaki, The Wind Rises.

But more than the story, the graphic style of the movie is really amazing. Mixing up charcoal sketching and watercolor, the design is far away from the other Ghibli movies, even if we can find a derivation from the style of My Neighbors the Yamadas. The drawing is full of life and keeps a lot of spontaneity from the hand of the animator, giving a nice dynamics. This is balanced by the watercolor coloring, with different atmospheres according to the scenes. The whole animation is great, especially on the first scenes when the main character grows up in the moutain. Nature, birds, insects, trees... are simply very beautiful. And as usual with Ghibli, the children are full of energy and their moves and attitudes almost perfect.

A great movie, with strong graphic and scenaristic choices, where animation is at its best !

The sub-marine world of Courtney Mattison

art ocean et ceramique by Courtney Mattison

Trough her work, artist and activist Courtney Mattison shows the oceans beauty and diversity, with a special focus on seafloors. Her ceramic creations are directly inspired by sea life and we can find a lot of amazing details and textures in her pieces of art as well as in her decorative production. Her goal, through her creations, is to "influence policy makers and the public to appreciate the fragile beauty of our endangered marine ecosystems". A very interesting approach, mixing up art and science with a fine subtlety, as a result of her interdisciplinary BA in sculpture and marine ecology.

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Credits and short films by Guillaume Fizet

Motion design by Guillaume Fizet

Guillaume Fizet is a french movie director and motion designer. He works for movies and TV industry and created a lot of credits and opening titles, for channels like Eurosport and movies like Dany Boon Supercondriaque, but he also directed his own short films. His work is an interesting mix up of techniques and graphic styles.

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Strange knitting masks by Tracy Widdess

Knitting masks by artist Tracy Widdess

For some years, knitting is becoming trendy, and we can see it more and more used by artists (as well as some other textile techniques). Far away from scarves and bobble hats, artists consider knitting as a medium, in order to create real pieces of art, without any utility.
Tracy Widdess, a Vancouver based artist, explores the knitting technique with a very personnal approach, by creating a series of masks. Inspired by science-fiction and old horror movies, these unidentified creatures are made with high precision, with a lot of details, giving them a curious credible look. With a bit of imagination, their show could even recall old ethnology photographs.

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Stromae's visual identity by Bold

Charte graphique de Stromae par l'agence Bold

Here in France, (and I presume in some other countries too), Stromae is a very well known artist, having a large success these last years. One very special thing about him is his look, colourful and original. The artist has even launch his own apparel brand, inspired by his visual identity. And this identity is a great success in itself, with an amazing work of graphic design. The singer asked the belgian agency Bold to conceive it, and commonly they defined an isometric graphic system, inspired by Escher's famous impossible figures and african fabrics. Each song has its own pattern, based on a common grid. We can also notice the typographic work, with a special typeface derived from Century Gothic, in the same idea as the whole identity. And the icing on the cake : Stromae talks about his design agency in his interviews, something rare enough to be mentioned !

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Diario de un viaje - Cartagena by Rafatoon

Rafatoon is a columbian motion designer based in Bogota. His work is really interesting, with a great attention to details, but I've been more especially touched by his last work.
More precisely, it's a king of video travel book of a trip in Cartagena, a surprising mix of slow motion, typography integration and motion design effects. The result has a strong identity, and I wouldn't be surprised if you want to take some days off after watching it !

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Tribute to Zao Wou-Ki

Hommage au peintre franco-chinois Zao Wou-Ki

I just read into my news feeds that the painter Zao Wou-Ki passed away yesterday. I find his work very interesting, and so I wanted to show some pictures of his work, some of my readers surely don't know this great artist. Zao Wou-Ki was born in China, and has been initially trained to traditionnal chinese painting. After coming to France in 1948, he met important french artists like Henri Michaux, Paul Klee or André Malraux. Their influence helped the artist to create his own style, later called lyric abstraction. His paintings put the viewer in a very singular feeling, a kind of reverie.

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Interview with Robert Proch, multidisciplinary artist

It's been a long time I didn't wrote any interview on Ceegee.fr, but when I thought about introducing the work of Robert Proch, I wanted to ask him some questions. These last months, we saw some pictures of this multidisciplinary artist form Poland buzzing around the web, mostly his huge street art works. Often at the borders of abstraction, the artist plays with colours and shapes, giving his compositions a very original point of vue and graphic style, with a striking touch. Known for his murals and canvas, the artist also created short animation films which are really interesting, both for the direction and the graphic style.

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My Strange Grandfather, stop motion short film by Dina Velikovskaya

My Strange Grandfather, court métrage en animation de marionnette et stop motion

Dina Velikovskaya is still studying at the Russian State University of Cinematography, but after watching her last short film, "My Strange Grandfather", we can easily think the director has several years of experience. Based on the stop motion puppets animation technique, the film is really beautiful, with amazing details allowing the artist to create a very unique atmosphere. Elements like the soundtrack, the wind illusion, or the post-production effects give the whole a great quality, with a nice story. A very talented student who surely will be a major animation artist in the next years.

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Cumulus showreel 2013

Showreel 2013 de l'agence de motion design Cumulus

The Lyon-based motion design agency Cumulus, which I wrote an interview some years ago (read it here) just released their new 2013 showreel. An opportunity to have a look at their last works for clients like Orangina, Footmercato, Région Rhône-Alpes or the electronic music festival in Lyon Les Nuits Sonores.

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A chalkboard season greetings by Coming Soon

carte de voeux en stop motion par Coming Soon pour Twixl Media

For the season greetings of Twixl Media, Belgian agency Coming Soon realised a stop motion video showing a chalkboard typographic creation. Two designers create frame by frame several compositions playing with characters, shapes and proportions in order to communicate the company's wishes.

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Les Pixels Associés, in orbit for 2013 !

It's been a long time I didn't wrote any article on this blog, I'm sorry for my regular readers but I've been very busy during the last months, with not a lot of time for Ceegee. I will try to take more time for it, but at first, I wanted to wish you a great year 2013.

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Settlements and City Strategies by Vigilism

Une vision de la ville par l'artiste numérique Vigilism

Vigilism aka Lekan Jeyifo is a digital artist born in Nigeria and based in Brooklyn, New York. In his illustrations series untitled Settlements and City Strategies, he shares his own vision of urban atmospheres. His pictures mix up fragmented compositions, playing with geometric shapes in a 3D architecture rendering way, and vintage colours and textures, warming up the images.
In the second part of the series, the artist plays with semi-realistic maps, with weird informations of networks, directions, key points...

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Récession Terminale, sand animation film

David Myriam is a pluri-disciplinary artist who specializes in sand animation. He uses this technique for animation films, but also works live during events all over the world.
Récession Terminale, (meaning in french something like "final recession"), is his last work, produced by Citron Bien (which produces very interesting animation films, like Paphù vs idols).

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404 Concept : illustration and wall art

404 Concept, un duo de designers et artistes

404 Concept is an art and design collective founded by french designers Pierre Coulanges and Jérôme Beguier. After several works as freelancers and with agencies, they decided in 2011 to focus on their common projects and they moved to London. They specialize in illustration and wall design, playing with different mediums and with the architecture of each place to express their creativity.

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Webdesigns by Vanessa Pepin

webdesign par Vanessa Pepin

Vanessa Pepin is an art director and webdesigner working for the Quebec agency Deuxhuithuit. I discovered her works on Behance and her interactive design works are very impressive. They combine legibility, typographic precision and graphic identity with a clever use of recent HTML/CSS technologies.
An interesting example is her work for Le Clou theatre, which is outstanding on several point of vues : a very legible and user friendly layout, a nice use of responsive design techniques, and an interesting organization of content, especially on spectacles pages.

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