Could you shortly introduce yourself ? How did you came to produce your art ?

Introvertic type. Left handed. I'm diggin this work it since was 6 or 7. Found out that dropping observations on paper is the thing I just like to do more then any other. Never suspected that later it will 'eat me alive'.

What are your inspirations ?

Little things. I prefer to put attention on events happening close. Often boring everyday stuff. Psychical states are also my little topic frames- kind of confession. Point is to be honest. I'm really curious where it will go in future years.

You come from Poland, do you consider it influences your art ? How is the art scene in Poland today ?

Many things around is changing fast, internet made quite big mess. But nowdays we have world of such possibilities like never before. Regarding art scene in Poland- I'm not great follower of things happening. I have never been involved much. I just have few artist I really admire and it's totally enough. I know, it's ignorat.

You work on very varied media (canvas, walls, animation, etc). What are the relationships and differences between all these formats ?

I like to change size and background of my work. Way of thinking is actually the same. Variety of conditions brings fresh energy to each of media. It's also related to nature rythm- working on wall in warm months and getting back to studio for winter. Thank god we have March already :)

You realise amazing mural paintings. How do you play with the urban environment of the paintings ? What are the neighbours reactions ?

I treat this as kind of compromise. I always try to leave somthing that won't kill people around every day just to be as original as possible. But in the same way it cannot be easy kitch. Usually reactions are negative in the beginning cause I'm treated as intruder but on last day of work relations are opposite so far.

Thank you very much for this interview Robert !

You can see more works of Robert Proch on his website and on his Behance portfolio.
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