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Interview with Robert Proch, multidisciplinary artist

It's been a long time I didn't wrote any interview on Ceegee.fr, but when I thought about introducing the work of Robert Proch, I wanted to ask him some questions. These last months, we saw some pictures of this multidisciplinary artist form Poland buzzing around the web, mostly his huge street art works. Often at the borders of abstraction, the artist plays with colours and shapes, giving his compositions a very original point of vue and graphic style, with a striking touch. Known for his murals and canvas, the artist also created short animation films which are really interesting, both for the direction and the graphic style.

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Interview : illustrator Alexis Marcou

Interview of Alexis Marcou

It's with a great pleasure that I publish in this article a short interview of Alexis Marcou, a very talented greek illustrator. His pictures, hand-drawn for a very large part, keep the strenght and sensitivity of the pencil but inherit some features from graphic design too. Besides, his portfolio contains very interesting letterings and even some fonts.
Another thing I really like in this portfolio is the display of the projects which mix up photographs, sketches, notes, and give an idea of the process of the work.

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Skatolanera, graphic design and generative art by Enrico Bevere

I discovered the work of Enrico Bevere on Behance network some days ago. Working under the identity of Skatolanera, his creative lab, he develops very varied projects, for experimental or commercial purpose. His typographic experimental works, mixing up code generated design and type design, are very impressive.
Enrico accepted to answer to a few questions about his work and his vision of design, have a look at this interview in the rest of this article.

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Interview of Patrick Clair, motion designer from Sydney

Interview of Patrick Clair, motion designer from Sydney, Australia

Patrick Clair is a motion designer from Sydney, Australia. He specializes in visualizing information and directing design teams. Unlike a lot of motion designers working only for the web media, Patrick essentially works for TV He produces very efficient and original videos, with sometimes more experimental and artistic projects.
Patrick answered my questions through a little interview, in which he explains his career, his vision of motion design and design on other medias..

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Chragokyberneticks, mixing up graphic design and illustration

Chragokybernetiks (or CHKY), is the studio of a very talented graphic designer and illustrator, Christoph Frei. Based in the city of Bern, Switzerland, he applies his personnal approach of graphic design on varied projects, allowing him to explore several visual directions.

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Interview : Audionerve, sound designer from Hamburg

audionerve interview : a sound designer working for motion design

There are not a lot of articles about sound design on the websites I'm following, even if it plays a great part into motion design videos. Not really music, but not only sound effects, sound design allows to convey an identity, an emotion, a universe that completes the pictures. Let's have a deeper look into this field with a little interview of Jochen Mader, a german sound designer working in Hamburg through the identity Audionerve

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