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Interview : illustrator Alexis Marcou

Interview of Alexis Marcou

It's with a great pleasure that I publish in this article a short interview of Alexis Marcou, a very talented greek illustrator. His pictures, hand-drawn for a very large part, keep the strenght and sensitivity of the pencil but inherit some features from graphic design too. Besides, his portfolio contains very interesting letterings and even some fonts.
Another thing I really like in this portfolio is the display of the projects which mix up photographs, sketches, notes, and give an idea of the process of the work.

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Outer Space by Sander van den Berg

Outer Space, un film composé d'images de l'espace de Cassini et Voyager

Nature is full of mysteries and poetry, and space more particularly has something really beyond our imagination. NASA's missions Cassini and Voyager took hundreds of stunning photographs of our solar system and universe. Everyone can download them for free on the NASA's website, allowing the passionates to create montages and movies with it. Sander van den Berg, a freelance editor from the Netherlands, created a very graphic little video by editing the consecutive shots, animating the shots with the stop motion technique. The video shows planets and moons moving, turning, beautiful lights... A very nice video !

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8 hands, 4 pianos, gershwin piano quartet

With this video producted for the Gershwin Piano Quartet, director Georg Lendorff surely found one of the simplest but efficient way to graphically represent music. The height hands of the players, their reflections on the pianos, a great light allow the pictures to perfectly convey the music, through its rythms, melodys and the expressiveness of the pianists. And if you like Gershwin's music, it's even better !

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Giuseppe Mileti, a vision of nature

Discovered by chance on the Behance network, photographs of Giuseppe Mileti have a real style, a singular approach of nature and photography. Nature, trees and woods are the main subject of these works. Playing with texture, saturation and light, the trees seems mysterious, ghostly, but also very live and almost moving.

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Lettering and chalkboard, dana tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer working in New York. She specialized in lettering on chalkboard, a discipline not so widely known in France, but very used abroad, in America and United Kingdom more especially. On a very basic material, the designer draws huge size signs, featuring very accurate lettering work. Personally I could watch these hand-made works a very long time ! This technique is also used as photographic illustrations, as part of magazine design or even package design.

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Sumeru, an inner journey by Nick Pedersen

Sumeru is a photographic montage series by Nick Pedersen. Inspired by zen meditation, the pictures depict the mental journey we travel while meditating, the spirit runing over different steps of perceptions and consciousness. Very dream-like pictures, full of details and pictures, with a strong symbolism.

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