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Les Pixels Associés, in orbit for 2013 !

It's been a long time I didn't wrote any article on this blog, I'm sorry for my regular readers but I've been very busy during the last months, with not a lot of time for Ceegee. I will try to take more time for it, but at first, I wanted to wish you a great year 2013.

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Les Pixels Associés, communication and multimedia design

Les Pixels Associés, studio de communication et design multimédia

When wishing you a happy year 2012 (with this greeting card), I told you my project to create my own studio. Today it's done, and after many administrative formalities, trainings and reflexions, I'm proud to introduce Les Pixels Associés, communication and multimedia design studio. More precisely, my work is to provide communication and branding consultancy to freelancers, small or mid-size companies, and to create their communication tools, especially interactive tools (website creation, online marketing, mobile, etc).
I can't show you my first works yet, but here are some pictures of the studio's identity. Feel free to get in touch if you want more informations, or if you want to work with me (as client or partner).

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Happy new year 2012 !

Carte de voeux 2012

A new year just started, the opportunity for me to wish you the best, happiness, health and success. The opportunity to make a little greetings card, I hope you'll find it nice.
For me, this year will be full of new experiences, as I explain in the card. A year which starts in a great way, with a tutorial and an interview published in a special Blog edition of the french editor Oracom.

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The Edge of the Earth

The Edge of the Earth is a short documentary about the Alaska trip of two brothers, in a natural park featuring no road, no trail. The whole movie has been shot with a Canon 5D Mark II (solar powered), three lenses, an intervallometer and a slider for the timelapses. Some very beautiful pictures, featuring stunning landscapes.

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Interview : Audionerve, sound designer from Hamburg

audionerve interview : a sound designer working for motion design

There are not a lot of articles about sound design on the websites I'm following, even if it plays a great part into motion design videos. Not really music, but not only sound effects, sound design allows to convey an identity, an emotion, a universe that completes the pictures. Let's have a deeper look into this field with a little interview of Jochen Mader, a german sound designer working in Hamburg through the identity Audionerve

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Laure Kasiers, textile designer

Laure Kasiers, design textile

Laure Kasiers is a textile designer located in Brussels, Belgium. After her studies at La Cambre, she decided to work into the furnishing field, in which she has an approach based on materials and sensitive relationships bringing comfort and warmth.
She specialized more precisely into rugs creation, creating unique and original works. Her creations are design pieces, as well as could be a chair or a desk.
Her portfolio shows a great variety of creations, and the photographs in itselves could be an inspiration source. I really like the "samples" category of her website, in which you can find very beautiful textile pictures.
More pictures and link in the rest of this article.

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