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Stromae's visual identity by Bold

Charte graphique de Stromae par l'agence Bold

Here in France, (and I presume in some other countries too), Stromae is a very well known artist, having a large success these last years. One very special thing about him is his look, colourful and original. The artist has even launch his own apparel brand, inspired by his visual identity. And this identity is a great success in itself, with an amazing work of graphic design. The singer asked the belgian agency Bold to conceive it, and commonly they defined an isometric graphic system, inspired by Escher's famous impossible figures and african fabrics. Each song has its own pattern, based on a common grid. We can also notice the typographic work, with a special typeface derived from Century Gothic, in the same idea as the whole identity. And the icing on the cake : Stromae talks about his design agency in his interviews, something rare enough to be mentioned !

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Webdesigns by Vanessa Pepin

webdesign par Vanessa Pepin

Vanessa Pepin is an art director and webdesigner working for the Quebec agency Deuxhuithuit. I discovered her works on Behance and her interactive design works are very impressive. They combine legibility, typographic precision and graphic identity with a clever use of recent HTML/CSS technologies.
An interesting example is her work for Le Clou theatre, which is outstanding on several point of vues : a very legible and user friendly layout, a nice use of responsive design techniques, and an interesting organization of content, especially on spectacles pages.

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Zhan Wei, chinese skate art

zhan wei is a chinese graphic designer and illustrator from Guilin. Full member of the Hong Kong Society of illustrators, his work is influenced by street art and skateboard. His style mixes up a chinese visual culture legacy (through typography and calligraphy by example) and a kind of transgression inherited from skateboard universe and underground cultures.

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Interview : illustrator Alexis Marcou

Interview of Alexis Marcou

It's with a great pleasure that I publish in this article a short interview of Alexis Marcou, a very talented greek illustrator. His pictures, hand-drawn for a very large part, keep the strenght and sensitivity of the pencil but inherit some features from graphic design too. Besides, his portfolio contains very interesting letterings and even some fonts.
Another thing I really like in this portfolio is the display of the projects which mix up photographs, sketches, notes, and give an idea of the process of the work.

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Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat package design by Rice Creative

This beautiful package work, designed by Rice Creative for the brand Marou has already been published on package design websites, but I can't help writing an article about it. Marou, Faiseurs de chocolat is a high-end chocolate maker located in Vietnam, founded by a small french team who aims to create great products based on local farming production.

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Lisa Fleck, graphic designer and photographer

Lisa Fleck is a graphic designer and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She's got a lot of skills, and her typography, graphic design and photography works are all interesting and inspiring. I particularly noticed her edition works for the Design Forum Vienna which seems amazing.

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