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Visual identities by Noemí Iniesta

Noemí Iniesta, graphiste espagnole travaillant à Bruxelles

Noemí Iniesta is a young spanish graphic designer based in Brussels, Belgium. Her portfolio features nice works, particularly in the field of visual identity and branding, with projects like chocolate La Negrita or the sicilian grocery Mizzica. Some sober, simple but efficient pictures which give the brands a real original identity. We can feel this approach in her portfolio too, which has a nice graphic identity using simple shapes and pictures.

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Orgesticulanismus by Mathieu Labaye

Orgesticulanismus, an animation by Mathieu Labaye

A few years ago, Mind Game gave me this feeling. But since that it's the first time that an animation stuns me this way. In a visual, technical and emotional point of vue this film is really great. Mathieu Labaye, a very talented animator, made this animation in tribute to his father, who was paralysed by a sclerosis at 29 and deceased at 55. It's from an interview of him that the film begins, starting by the handicap, motionless, to reach the abstract and extreme motion. Very original and experimental, the animation is the very technique to sublime the motion, with an infinite freedom of evolution. The middle part of the film, featuring a crazy dance, is really stunning (the work on sound effects and music is great too), and just for this scene you must see this video.

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Music videos: "Espanola" by Jali and "Du monde tout autour" by Louise Attaque

two stunning music videos : Espanola by Jali and Du monde tout autour by Louise Attaque, produced by ChezEddy

A short post to introduce two music videos, produced by the french agency ChezEddy. Graphically and musically, they're full of good vibrations and high quality.

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Laure Kasiers, textile designer

Laure Kasiers, design textile

Laure Kasiers is a textile designer located in Brussels, Belgium. After her studies at La Cambre, she decided to work into the furnishing field, in which she has an approach based on materials and sensitive relationships bringing comfort and warmth.
She specialized more precisely into rugs creation, creating unique and original works. Her creations are design pieces, as well as could be a chair or a desk.
Her portfolio shows a great variety of creations, and the photographs in itselves could be an inspiration source. I really like the "samples" category of her website, in which you can find very beautiful textile pictures.
More pictures and link in the rest of this article.

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