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The sub-marine world of Courtney Mattison

art ocean et ceramique by Courtney Mattison

Trough her work, artist and activist Courtney Mattison shows the oceans beauty and diversity, with a special focus on seafloors. Her ceramic creations are directly inspired by sea life and we can find a lot of amazing details and textures in her pieces of art as well as in her decorative production. Her goal, through her creations, is to "influence policy makers and the public to appreciate the fragile beauty of our endangered marine ecosystems". A very interesting approach, mixing up art and science with a fine subtlety, as a result of her interdisciplinary BA in sculpture and marine ecology.

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Strange knitting masks by Tracy Widdess

Knitting masks by artist Tracy Widdess

For some years, knitting is becoming trendy, and we can see it more and more used by artists (as well as some other textile techniques). Far away from scarves and bobble hats, artists consider knitting as a medium, in order to create real pieces of art, without any utility.
Tracy Widdess, a Vancouver based artist, explores the knitting technique with a very personnal approach, by creating a series of masks. Inspired by science-fiction and old horror movies, these unidentified creatures are made with high precision, with a lot of details, giving them a curious credible look. With a bit of imagination, their show could even recall old ethnology photographs.

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Settlements and City Strategies by Vigilism

Une vision de la ville par l'artiste numérique Vigilism

Vigilism aka Lekan Jeyifo is a digital artist born in Nigeria and based in Brooklyn, New York. In his illustrations series untitled Settlements and City Strategies, he shares his own vision of urban atmospheres. His pictures mix up fragmented compositions, playing with geometric shapes in a 3D architecture rendering way, and vintage colours and textures, warming up the images.
In the second part of the series, the artist plays with semi-realistic maps, with weird informations of networks, directions, key points...

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Landscapes by Gregory Euclide

Paysages de l'artiste américain Gregory Euclide

Son of an art teacher and a master gardener, american artist Gregory Euclide develops a very original work, essentially composed of landscapes representations. His pieces of art are the result of various blends : various materials are used (found materials, plastic, papers...), different kind of shapes are mixed (natural shapes and landscapes near abstract geometric shapes), and a particular blend of natural and artifical elements. The artist has a very interesting vision about it : according to him, the border between natural and artificial is not so clear, and sometimes what we consider as natural is the result of man's action, draining rivers, drawing roads and flattening grounds... Beyond this very personnal vision, the works of Gregory Euclide are very beautiful, very intricate, and allow imagination to get lost inside in few seconds.

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land of heat

Land of Heat, une belle vidéo de motion design et effets spéciaux

For the electrical domestics bran Hotpoint, director Timo Schaedel and the team of Platige Image realised a great commercial. The whole has been conceived in 3D and special effects. The scene takes place inside an oven in which different dishes are cooking. The modelling and lighting are really great, but the most amazing thing is the hot air effects, which give the movie an artistic feel.

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Ceramic creatures by Eva Funderburgh

Le bestiaire céramique de Eva Funderburgh

Eva Funderburgh is an american artist based in Seattle. Through her work she develops a real bestiary of imaginary creatures, in a semi-realistic style with a lot of humor and poetry. Very beautiful creations which mix up shapes subtlety, accurate details and nice texture effects.

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