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Credits and short films by Guillaume Fizet

Motion design by Guillaume Fizet

Guillaume Fizet is a french movie director and motion designer. He works for movies and TV industry and created a lot of credits and opening titles, for channels like Eurosport and movies like Dany Boon Supercondriaque, but he also directed his own short films. His work is an interesting mix up of techniques and graphic styles.

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Cumulus showreel 2013

Showreel 2013 de l'agence de motion design Cumulus

The Lyon-based motion design agency Cumulus, which I wrote an interview some years ago (read it here) just released their new 2013 showreel. An opportunity to have a look at their last works for clients like Orangina, Footmercato, Région Rhône-Alpes or the electronic music festival in Lyon Les Nuits Sonores.

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Settlements and City Strategies by Vigilism

Une vision de la ville par l'artiste numérique Vigilism

Vigilism aka Lekan Jeyifo is a digital artist born in Nigeria and based in Brooklyn, New York. In his illustrations series untitled Settlements and City Strategies, he shares his own vision of urban atmospheres. His pictures mix up fragmented compositions, playing with geometric shapes in a 3D architecture rendering way, and vintage colours and textures, warming up the images.
In the second part of the series, the artist plays with semi-realistic maps, with weird informations of networks, directions, key points...

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Steve Burg, Prometheus concept art and more

Steve Burg, concept artiste de Prometheus et autres grands films de science fiction

Steve Burg is an american concept artist, who worked on several of the biggest movies of science-fiction since the 80's. With works for Total Recall, Waterworld, Terminator 2 or the recent Prometheus, he conceived very detailed universes and more particularly machines and ships. Something very interesting with this artist is that he began to work when digital wasn't used for concept art. His first pictures were painted with gouache or markers, but he currently works essentially in digital art, with a strong base of 3D modeling.

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short animation film : Codehunters by Ben Hibon

Produced for MTV Asia, Codehunters is a short animation film directed by Ben Hibon in 2006. This director has created several animation sequences for different movies like Harry Potter, Sucker Punch or the recent Mirror Mirror. Even if the scenario don't give a lot of details, an interesting story and a nice universe give the short film a great identity.

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short animation film : réflexion by planktoon

Réflexion, short animation film

Planktoon is an animation studio located in Paris working for advertising, with some big clients like Carrefour or Canal + (very famous french companies). But they also produce non commercial animation films, like Réflexion, a nice short film. The reflection theme, even if not very original, is nicely served by a great animation and direction work.

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