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Settlements and City Strategies by Vigilism

Une vision de la ville par l'artiste numérique Vigilism

Vigilism aka Lekan Jeyifo is a digital artist born in Nigeria and based in Brooklyn, New York. In his illustrations series untitled Settlements and City Strategies, he shares his own vision of urban atmospheres. His pictures mix up fragmented compositions, playing with geometric shapes in a 3D architecture rendering way, and vintage colours and textures, warming up the images.
In the second part of the series, the artist plays with semi-realistic maps, with weird informations of networks, directions, key points...

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Paphù vs Idols

Paphù un projet de série d'animation en pixel art

Paphù vs Idols is a french transmedias pixel art animation series, produced by Citron Bien (Pierre Dron), written by Jean-Pierre Poirel, animated by Hélène Ducrocq (Read more about her works) and musically illustrated by Fabrice Faltraue.

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Desillusion Parano : on the road magazine

I wrote an article few months ago about Desillusion, a very beautiful french magazine dedicated to surf cultures (written in both french and english). Each time I open a new issue it's a great surprise for me to read the articles and to watch the nice graphic design, the great photographs and the magazine in itself (lot of different papers, original shapes...).
For the next issue the team had a great idea : to create the issue on the road, in a 1977 Chevrolet all over the West coast of France. Named "Desillusion Parano" in reference to "Las Vegas Parano", this next issue should be full of great encounters and nice pictures. Lucas, of the Desillusion team, sent me some of the first pictures of the trip, and you can discover it in the rest of this post, with a first video.
Pictures, link and video in the rest of this post !

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Kusakabe Kimbei, pionnier de la photo au Japon

kusakabe kimei, un japonais pionnier de le photographie sur ceegee, le blog de l'inspiration et des tendances graphiques

J’ai découvert Kusakabe Kimbei (Kimbei étant en fait son prénom, plus facile à prononcer pour les occidentaux que son nom) à l’occasion d’une petite recherche documentaire pour un travail en cours. Petit retour sur ce pionnier de la photo au pays du soleil levant, avec un peu d’histoire pour commencer.

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