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land of heat

Land of Heat, une belle vidéo de motion design et effets spéciaux

For the electrical domestics bran Hotpoint, director Timo Schaedel and the team of Platige Image realised a great commercial. The whole has been conceived in 3D and special effects. The scene takes place inside an oven in which different dishes are cooking. The modelling and lighting are really great, but the most amazing thing is the hot air effects, which give the movie an artistic feel.

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Red Paper Heart, art and code

Red Paper Heart is a New-York based collective of artists and coders, composed of Charlie Whitney, Daniel Scheibel, Philip Sierzega and Zander Brimijoin. Together they realise interactive projects mixing up animation, design and code. Playing with experimental interfaces (like a bike), their works could be seen as interactive motion design. The installation for the Cycling Classic 2011 event, creating a bike race in a progressive graphic environment, is particularly exciting.

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Art direction by Marek Okon

Marek Okon, art director in Japan

Born in Poland, Marek Okon studied in Toronto, Canada, before leaving for Japan in order to work as an Art Director for Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo. He works for a wide range of clients, and his special interest for motion graphics and digital design allow him to work on video projects as well as illustrations or print design. A very original graphic language, with a lot of varied influences giving it a great visual richness.

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Motion graphics by Alexandre Le Guillou

Alexandre Le Guillou, motion design et interactivité

Alexandre Le Guillou is a french artistic director and motion designer. Even if the most of his works are videos, he has a special interest in computing and creative programming. His generated pictures and motions, created with Processing language, vvvv IDE or the Kinnect interface, have a great style and keep an experimental and programming touch.

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Short animation film : GOM

GOM, court metrage d'animation par 5 etudiants de l'école ESMA

GOM is a short animation film directed by five students from the french animation school ESMA : Anthony Delliste, Tristan Evin, Maxime Guillemin, Florent Razafimandimby and Alexis Vallauri. The story takes place around a cricus and a central character, GOM, who's got an elastic body which reminds me Luffy from One Piece. Some very nice coloured atmospheres and a fun universe, with a good editing. Voices (it's rare in students animation films) were made by Emmanuel Garijo, Nathalie Homs, et Julien Kramer and the music scored by Isaac Chia. the whole soundtrack was mixed by Jose Vicente and Yoann Poncet from the Studio des aviateurs.

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Mariko Mori at the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

Mariko Mori - Adobe Museum of Digital Art

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media opens his brand new virtual exhibition introducing the new project of Mariko Mori. Let's talk a bit about the museum before getting onto the work : the Adobe Museum is a virtual space dedicated to the contemporary digital arts, founded by the famous company one year ago. The museum is built around a 3D space containing several rooms specially designed for each exhibition. The last exhibitions featured artists as Toni Oursler or John Maeda. Currently the new exhibition is conceived by the famous japanese artist Mariko Mori, and it's called "Journey to Seven Light Bay".
More precisely, it's not exactly an exhibition but more a work in progress of a new piece of art, which could be considered both as land art and digital art. it utilises advanced digital technologies to give the piece of art a kind of interactive aspect. The work will be composed of two monumental elements placed into a bay in the island of Okinawa, in Japan. The first element, a transparent pillar, is already installed on a rock. The second one will be a huge spherical installation which will float on the water and change its colour according to the tide. The whole will be placed in order to the shadow of the pillar reaches the sphere on winter solstice. This work is in some way a link : technology meets nature, and prehistoric art (see the megalithic works like Stonehenge) meets contemporary creation.

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