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The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Le conte de la princesse Kaguya - Isao Takahata

I recently saw The Tale of Princess Kaguya, last movie from Ghibli studio, directed by Isao Takahata. As a big fan of animation movies and Ghibli studio, it's always a great time to see their production in theatre. Based on an old japanese tale, the story has an interesting philosophical aspect but could be understood and appreciated by a large audience, like almost all the Ghibli's productions. By the way, we can find a kind of melancholia as in the last movie of Miyazaki, The Wind Rises.

But more than the story, the graphic style of the movie is really amazing. Mixing up charcoal sketching and watercolor, the design is far away from the other Ghibli movies, even if we can find a derivation from the style of My Neighbors the Yamadas. The drawing is full of life and keeps a lot of spontaneity from the hand of the animator, giving a nice dynamics. This is balanced by the watercolor coloring, with different atmospheres according to the scenes. The whole animation is great, especially on the first scenes when the main character grows up in the moutain. Nature, birds, insects, trees... are simply very beautiful. And as usual with Ghibli, the children are full of energy and their moves and attitudes almost perfect.

A great movie, with strong graphic and scenaristic choices, where animation is at its best !

Credits and short films by Guillaume Fizet

Motion design by Guillaume Fizet

Guillaume Fizet is a french movie director and motion designer. He works for movies and TV industry and created a lot of credits and opening titles, for channels like Eurosport and movies like Dany Boon Supercondriaque, but he also directed his own short films. His work is an interesting mix up of techniques and graphic styles.

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Steve Burg, Prometheus concept art and more

Steve Burg, concept artiste de Prometheus et autres grands films de science fiction

Steve Burg is an american concept artist, who worked on several of the biggest movies of science-fiction since the 80's. With works for Total Recall, Waterworld, Terminator 2 or the recent Prometheus, he conceived very detailed universes and more particularly machines and ships. Something very interesting with this artist is that he began to work when digital wasn't used for concept art. His first pictures were painted with gouache or markers, but he currently works essentially in digital art, with a strong base of 3D modeling.

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Longway north by Rémi Chayé

Longway North is a full-length animation movie, still in production, directed by Rémi Chayé and produced by Sacrebleu Productions. The story takes place in 19th century Russia, where a young lady decides to join her grandfather, lost near the north pole. A great animation work, with an original graphic look. The trailer make you want to see the full movie !

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Super 8 concept arts by Jamie Rama

Super 8 movie's concept artworks, designed by Jamie Rama

You may have seen Super 8, the great film by J.J Abrams, released in France a few weeks ago. I discovered today the concept art designed for the movie production by Jamie Rama, and they are just stunning. The pictures are very very well realisaed, but the most sensational is the way the movie looks like these pictures. If you remember some scenes of the film you can easily find them into these artworks.
More pictures in the rest of this post !

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Concept art par Ankaris

Ankaris alias Wayne Haag, est un artiste travaillant dans les domaines du matte painting et du concept art. Il a entre autres travaillé sur des films tels que Le Seigneur des anneaux ou Le Cinquième élément. Ses travaux sont d’une précision et d’un réalisme impressionnants, recréant des décors époustouflants. Ses paysages sont particulièrement réussis, notamment ceux de montagnes, qui restent relativement réalistes et s’éloignent des images urbaines et futuriste qu’on voit souvent dans les travaux de matte painting.
Images et liens dans la suite de l’article !

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