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Longway north by Rémi Chayé

Longway North is a full-length animation movie, still in production, directed by Rémi Chayé and produced by Sacrebleu Productions. The story takes place in 19th century Russia, where a young lady decides to join her grandfather, lost near the north pole. A great animation work, with an original graphic look. The trailer make you want to see the full movie !

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Visual identities by Pavel Emelyanov

Pavel Emelyanov is a Russian graphic designer working in Murmansk. His work consists for the most of designing visual identities. His portfolio contains great designs of logotypes and graphic guidelines, for a wide range of clients.

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Illustrations by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Illustrations by Russian artist Vikto Miller-Gausa

Viktor Miller-Gausais a Russian illustrator working in Syktyvkar. His style is a mix of line drawing and coloured inks, giving his creations a very dynamic and graphic feel. A style which could remind comic books or event the Art Nouveau movement, with a lot of details and curves. Hard to find more informations about the artist, he seems not to have website, but you can discover his works through Behance or Flickr.

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Under-ground photography treasures : Orda and Naica

This post will surely surprise some readers of this blog, because today I will not speak about graphic design, web design or illustration but about caves. And more precisely about photography of two very special caves : Orda and Naica caves. They don't have too much in common, but they are examples of extremly spectacular caves which gave us wonderful shots, in which one can find some kind of inspiration...

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Music Video : Caffeine by Brandt Braueur Frick realised by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna

It's a beautiful hand-drawn style music video that Danae Diaz (spanish graphic designer located in Berlin) and Patricia Luna (russian graphic designer working in Barcelona) realised to illustrate the music 'Caffeine' by Brand Braueur Frick. A kafkaian atmosphere in which robotic workers are endless repeating same gestures, same paths, symbolised by graphic elements from the urban work world like elevators, automatic doors, traffic lights... Even if a strange and stressing atmosphere is conveyed, I find it's perfectly adapted to the music. The end of the film is a bit strange and mysterious, if someone has an interpretation feel free to share it in the comments ! www.danaediaz.com

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Illustrations du studio Marisko

Illustrations graphiques par le Studio Marisko, un univers illustratif onirique ou le graphisme est presque naif tout en étant maitrisé.

Le Studio Marisko est installé à Kirov, en Russie, et travaille dans plusieurs domaines d’activités, dont le graphisme et l’illustration. Leurs travaux dans ce domaine font référence à des univers oniriques et imaginaires, peuplés de créatures fantastiques rappelant peut être certaines légendes nordiques (beaucoup d’illustrations font référence à l’Islande), ou bien encore des personnages de Miyazaki. Souvent réalisées en bichromie, ces images, sous une apparente simplicité, sont pourtant remplies de détails et réalisées avec une certaine minutie. Un univers graphique riche à découvrir dans la suite de cet article.

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