Tribute to Zao Wou-Ki

Hommage au peintre franco-chinois Zao Wou-Ki

I just read into my news feeds that the painter Zao Wou-Ki passed away yesterday. I find his work very interesting, and so I wanted to show some pictures of his work, some of my readers surely don't know this great artist. Zao Wou-Ki was born in China, and has been initially trained to traditionnal chinese painting. After coming to France in 1948, he met important french artists like Henri Michaux, Paul Klee or André Malraux. Their influence helped the artist to create his own style, later called lyric abstraction. His paintings put the viewer in a very singular feeling, a kind of reverie.

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Interview with Robert Proch, multidisciplinary artist

It's been a long time I didn't wrote any interview on, but when I thought about introducing the work of Robert Proch, I wanted to ask him some questions. These last months, we saw some pictures of this multidisciplinary artist form Poland buzzing around the web, mostly his huge street art works. Often at the borders of abstraction, the artist plays with colours and shapes, giving his compositions a very original point of vue and graphic style, with a striking touch. Known for his murals and canvas, the artist also created short animation films which are really interesting, both for the direction and the graphic style.

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404 Concept : illustration and wall art

404 Concept, un duo de designers et artistes

404 Concept is an art and design collective founded by french designers Pierre Coulanges and Jérôme Beguier. After several works as freelancers and with agencies, they decided in 2011 to focus on their common projects and they moved to London. They specialize in illustration and wall design, playing with different mediums and with the architecture of each place to express their creativity.

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Landscapes by Gregory Euclide

Paysages de l'artiste américain Gregory Euclide

Son of an art teacher and a master gardener, american artist Gregory Euclide develops a very original work, essentially composed of landscapes representations. His pieces of art are the result of various blends : various materials are used (found materials, plastic, papers...), different kind of shapes are mixed (natural shapes and landscapes near abstract geometric shapes), and a particular blend of natural and artifical elements. The artist has a very interesting vision about it : according to him, the border between natural and artificial is not so clear, and sometimes what we consider as natural is the result of man's action, draining rivers, drawing roads and flattening grounds... Beyond this very personnal vision, the works of Gregory Euclide are very beautiful, very intricate, and allow imagination to get lost inside in few seconds.

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Dreamtime, a water alarm clock

Dreamtime, a water-working alarm clock

Dreamtime is an alarm clock designed by Vera Wiedermann, a young designer from Austria. It works in a simple but very innovative way : it uses energy of water and gravity. Like an hourglass, the water drops during your sleep, and a basic mecanism wakes you up when the little tank is empty. A very soft and poetic way to start your day ! The designer precises that the idea behind this project was to let people focus on the sleep, by creating a specific time, a ritual to fill the alarm clock and see how long will be the rest.

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Mathilde Roussel

Le travail de l'artiste Mathilde Roussel

Mathilde Roussel is a french artist based in Paris. Her work "explores the questions around human being in what it is the most imperceptible". Each piece of art unveils some kind of silent evolutions which take place inside our body. For that, her installations are often made of simple materials and ideas with a great concept.

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