Landscapes by Gregory Euclide

Paysages de l'artiste américain Gregory Euclide

Son of an art teacher and a master gardener, american artist Gregory Euclide develops a very original work, essentially composed of landscapes representations. His pieces of art are the result of various blends : various materials are used (found materials, plastic, papers...), different kind of shapes are mixed (natural shapes and landscapes near abstract geometric shapes), and a particular blend of natural and artifical elements. The artist has a very interesting vision about it : according to him, the border between natural and artificial is not so clear, and sometimes what we consider as natural is the result of man's action, draining rivers, drawing roads and flattening grounds... Beyond this very personnal vision, the works of Gregory Euclide are very beautiful, very intricate, and allow imagination to get lost inside in few seconds.

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Dreamtime, a water alarm clock

Dreamtime, a water-working alarm clock

Dreamtime is an alarm clock designed by Vera Wiedermann, a young designer from Austria. It works in a simple but very innovative way : it uses energy of water and gravity. Like an hourglass, the water drops during your sleep, and a basic mecanism wakes you up when the little tank is empty. A very soft and poetic way to start your day ! The designer precises that the idea behind this project was to let people focus on the sleep, by creating a specific time, a ritual to fill the alarm clock and see how long will be the rest.

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Everyware, inventing new interfaces

Everyware, installations interactives

Recreating intelligence, simulating life, modeling real situations have always been objectives in computing history. the Game of Life and the 70's cellular automatons are the most basic examples (in a design point of vue), even if they already contain the most important parameters. With the increase of computing power and the improvement of the interfaces (screens, multi-touch devices or haptic interfaces) the interactive and visual possibilities of these programs become more interesting and allow to develop more fun and artistic applications. The launch of new languages like Processing also help artists and designers to use computing in their works.
It's in this context that the korean creative computing group Everyware creates new kind of interfaces and programs.

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Geode street art project by a common name

Based in Los Angeles, the artist and designer A Common Name works on various type of projects, including identity, motion design, print or webdesign. But one project is particularly interesting, a street art project called Geode Street Art Project. Around the streets of Los Angeles, the artist introduces in the holes of the walls little geodesic structures made with paper. It could remind some mineral deposit we can find in nature, or more simply treasures. As all ephemeral pieces of art, they disappear with the weather or the urban space modifications, and these creations can only be seen by attentive passer-by.

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Ceramic creatures by Eva Funderburgh

Le bestiaire céramique de Eva Funderburgh

Eva Funderburgh is an american artist based in Seattle. Through her work she develops a real bestiary of imaginary creatures, in a semi-realistic style with a lot of humor and poetry. Very beautiful creations which mix up shapes subtlety, accurate details and nice texture effects.

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Brooke Reidt, paintings, geometry and poetry

Brooke Reidt is an american artist based in California. Her work is very interesting, and contains multiple aspects. Some of her works are built on strong geometry, but they are not cold and strict, thanks to warm and soft colours combined with great textures. Some other works, keeping some geometric elements, are more figurative, including natural figures like birds or fishes. A street art feeling is also quietly present, and it's not surprising to learn that she has work for skateboard companies like Element or Volcom. A very sensitive and poetic visual universe, which is appreciated all around the world.

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