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Brooke Reidt, paintings, geometry and poetry

Brooke Reidt is an american artist based in California. Her work is very interesting, and contains multiple aspects. Some of her works are built on strong geometry, but they are not cold and strict, thanks to warm and soft colours combined with great textures. Some other works, keeping some geometric elements, are more figurative, including natural figures like birds or fishes. A street art feeling is also quietly present, and it's not surprising to learn that she has work for skateboard companies like Element or Volcom. A very sensitive and poetic visual universe, which is appreciated all around the world.

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Laure Kasiers, textile designer

Laure Kasiers, design textile

Laure Kasiers is a textile designer located in Brussels, Belgium. After her studies at La Cambre, she decided to work into the furnishing field, in which she has an approach based on materials and sensitive relationships bringing comfort and warmth.
She specialized more precisely into rugs creation, creating unique and original works. Her creations are design pieces, as well as could be a chair or a desk.
Her portfolio shows a great variety of creations, and the photographs in itselves could be an inspiration source. I really like the "samples" category of her website, in which you can find very beautiful textile pictures.
More pictures and link in the rest of this article.

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Munge Leung, luxury interior design

Munge Leung is an interior design firm located in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1997, the firm specialized its work into interior design for the fields of hospitality, nightclubs, restaurants and original personnal houses. Between decoration, product design and architecture, the works contains a lot of beautiful details in a whole project, which allows the agency to work on huge proposals.
Pictures and link in the rest of the article.

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Skin, norwegian design

Found by chance on the web, Skin is a design studio based in Norway. Their works, mostly for print and edition, are very worthy. You'll find in the rest of this article pictures in which photographs have a special treatment and a strong place, often playing with deconstruct typography. Their identity and package design works are very clean too.

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Illustrations by Tom Buch

Tom Buch is an english illustrator based in Essex, England. For digital illustration he uses of course Photoshop, but 3D softwares too, and particularly ZBrush. This use of 3D softwares helps him to structure his pictures. In an other side, games of textures and lightings warm up the pictures, avoiding the cold atmosphere found sometimes in 3D based illustrations.

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Explorations typographiques par Sasha Prood

Sasha Prood, graphiste et illustrateur anglais travaillant sur la typographie, utilisant des techniques traditionnelles comme l'aquarelle, le dissin au feutre ou au crayon.

Sasha Prood est un graphiste et illustrateur anglais dont la majeure partie des travaux tourne autour de la typographie. Utilisant principalement des techniques traditionnelles comme l’aquarelle ou encore le dessin au feutre, il conserve une grande sensibilité dans son travail, tout en y associant la rigueur du tracé typographique. Ses créations sont très largement inspirées de sujets naturels, tels que les végétaux, les insectes ou encore les coquillages.
Lien et images dans la suite de l’article.

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