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Interview : Audionerve, sound designer from Hamburg

audionerve interview : a sound designer working for motion design

There are not a lot of articles about sound design on the websites I'm following, even if it plays a great part into motion design videos. Not really music, but not only sound effects, sound design allows to convey an identity, an emotion, a universe that completes the pictures. Let's have a deeper look into this field with a little interview of Jochen Mader, a german sound designer working in Hamburg through the identity Audionerve

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Music Video : Caffeine by Brandt Braueur Frick realised by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna

It's a beautiful hand-drawn style music video that Danae Diaz (spanish graphic designer located in Berlin) and Patricia Luna (russian graphic designer working in Barcelona) realised to illustrate the music 'Caffeine' by Brand Braueur Frick. A kafkaian atmosphere in which robotic workers are endless repeating same gestures, same paths, symbolised by graphic elements from the urban work world like elevators, automatic doors, traffic lights... Even if a strange and stressing atmosphere is conveyed, I find it's perfectly adapted to the music. The end of the film is a bit strange and mysterious, if someone has an interpretation feel free to share it in the comments ! www.danaediaz.com

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Selbstgesprächen, interactive musical experience

Selbstgesprächen (which could be translated by something like "dialog with myself") is a project born of the collaboration between german artist Karlo Jurina and webdesign studio Britzpetermann. At the listenning of the debut album of Karlo Jurina, studio Britzpetermann decided to create an interactive experience dedicated to bring it a new visual dimension. This work produced a very interesting minimalistic website, allowing the user to listen the album while "vizualisating" it through the interactive music player.

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The Wedding Edition by Lasse Kusk

Lasse Kusk is a danish art director and designer, currently based in Germany. Working most of his time for interactive and web projects, he didn't give up the print and he realises very beautiful works like his wedding announcement, called 'The Wedding Edition'. He published it in Japanese and Danish, and he designed it like a real magazine. A black, white, and red design, emphasizing typography and mockups. Don't hesitate to have a look at his others works, which are full of inspiration. Pictures and links below !

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Holger Lippmann, between painting and programming

Holger Lippmann, un artiste allemand travaillant dans le domaine de l'art numérique, utilisant la programmation pour réaliser ses oeuvres.

After a classical sculpture training, german artist Holger Lippmann has progressively turned into digital art, a field he's always exploring since 1994. His approach of digital art has been influenced by electronic music which had a great success when he begun towork on computer. Moreover he describes his creative process as a dance, kepping a big part of improvisation.

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Son et Motion design, interview de C.Hewitt et Hecq par étapes

Le très bon magazine étapes nous offre en ce moment sur son site web une interview très intéressante de Christopher Hewitt et de Hecq. Le premier est graphiste et motion designer, assez connu notamment pour ses vidéos réalisées avec Rob Chiu alias The Ronin. Le second est sans doute moins connu mais a pourtant une grande part dans la réussite de ces vidéos puisqu’il en est le sound designer.
Cette interview aborde bien sûr la relation entre l’image vidéo et le son qui l’accompagne (ou inversement), mais aussi sur les méthodes de travail qui se sont instaurées entre les deux artistes : est-ce la vidéo qui précède le son ou le contraire ? pourquoi avoir choisi particulièrement Hecq comme sound designer ? comment celui-ci perçoit-il son métier et comment est-il arrivé à jouer ce rôle ?


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