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Music Video : Mr Overtime by Punks Jump Up directed by Maxime Bruneel

Mr Overtime de Punks Jump Up par Maxime Bruneel

After the beautiful music video for Variations sur Marilou by Alain Bashung, french director Maxime Bruneel is back with another really nice animation video, produced again by ChezEddy, for the track Mr Overtime by Punks Jump Up. An animated road trip, recalling the 80's atmosphere.

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Skatolanera, graphic design and generative art by Enrico Bevere

I discovered the work of Enrico Bevere on Behance network some days ago. Working under the identity of Skatolanera, his creative lab, he develops very varied projects, for experimental or commercial purpose. His typographic experimental works, mixing up code generated design and type design, are very impressive.
Enrico accepted to answer to a few questions about his work and his vision of design, have a look at this interview in the rest of this article.

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Chragokyberneticks, mixing up graphic design and illustration

Chragokybernetiks (or CHKY), is the studio of a very talented graphic designer and illustrator, Christoph Frei. Based in the city of Bern, Switzerland, he applies his personnal approach of graphic design on varied projects, allowing him to explore several visual directions.

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Selbstgesprächen, interactive musical experience

Selbstgesprächen (which could be translated by something like "dialog with myself") is a project born of the collaboration between german artist Karlo Jurina and webdesign studio Britzpetermann. At the listenning of the debut album of Karlo Jurina, studio Britzpetermann decided to create an interactive experience dedicated to bring it a new visual dimension. This work produced a very interesting minimalistic website, allowing the user to listen the album while "vizualisating" it through the interactive music player.

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Inspiration and webdesign #3

Inspiration and webdesign #3 : a selection of most beautiful full flash or HTML/CSS websites

After my two posts "Inspiration and Webdesign Flash" that you can find here and here (not yet translated in english), I decided to continue this series by mixing full flash website with other web technologies. I made this choice because I think it's more and more artificial to make a difference between flash and other technologies, HTML5 and Javascript allowing now to reach high interactivity and animation levels. In this post you will find a high part of full flash websites, but some HTML / CSS / JS productions too.

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Pill & Pillow full flash portfolio

Pill & Pillow is a webdesign studio located in Hong Kong, founded by Henry Chu in 2004. The studio's full flash website introduces its last realisations. If you like flash experimentations, this website is worth a visit. the minimalist interface works well and give the site a great identity. The featured projects play with technical and artistic experiments, based on technologies like the IPad, webcam augmented reality and more. Flash generated 3D graphics are very presents in their work, and more particularly in this portfolio in itself.

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