Metro, short animation film by Jacob Wyatt

Metro, un court métrage d'animation par Jacob Wyatt

Metro is a short animation film directed by Jacob Wyatt when he was stuudying at Brigham Young University. The story's about a little girl in the subway, a bit scared by a world she apparently does'nt really know. But after the first sequences the scenario becomes more fantastic and develops an imaginary world with a new character, a strange white fox.

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Illustrations by Masha Karpushina

Masha Karpushina is a russo-british illustrator born in USSR in 1982. A lot of different clients chose her graphic style to create magazine illustration, advertising or package design. She introduces her work with these words : "She is driven by the power of nature, the beauty within man and beast, traditions of past generations and the essence of love." Her portfolio is essentially composed of ink or pencil line drawings playing with watercolor paintings, but some of her works also contain photography.

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Tres Hombres branding

Identité visuelle du rhum Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres is a very special rum brand. Created by three european friends (they met each others on the sea), this rum, produced in the caribean, is the very first rum of the 21st century to be conveyed in Europe by an environment-friendly way.To achieve this goal, the three friends built a sailing boat, allowing them to cross the Atlantic ocean in two months, in order to deliver the product in Europe. The whole production tries to be as much ecological as possible, by labelling the bottles manually by example.
The branding has been created by dutch art director Kim Stassar. Even if it's not very original, it fits well to the simple but adventurous concept, like an invitation to the travel and the sea... The ship theme, which is pretty common in rum identities, gets here another dimension when we thought that the spirit has been delivered by this very special sailboat.

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Webdesign selection : Mountain

I start a new type of article with this post : thematic selection of webdesigns. This kind of posts are pretty classic and you can find a lot of examples on blogs, but there are a lot of themes that nobody talk about. By example : mountains. Maybe you wonder why making a selection of webdesigns about such a theme, but I had to make it for a professionnal project and I thought it was a good idea to share it with you some of the most interesting websites. By the way, feel free to share interesting websites you bookmarked in the comments.

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Samsara, an audiovisual experience

Samsara, une expérience audiovisuelle unique

You may have notice that the blog's activity has slowed these last weeks and I'm sorry about it, but the launch of my communication studio takes me a lot of time and energy. So I'll try to take advantage of the calm of August to share with you some of my recent discoveries.
It's not already a hot news here in France, but I think that a really great documentary film is about to be launched at the end of the month trough the world. This film, called Samsara, directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson, is the result of 5 years of work through 25 countries. An interactive map, on the film website, shows all the locations with some photographs. Entirely shot in 70mm, the movie is conceived as a kind of guided meditation, a unique audiovisual experience in which only music and images lead the viewer's mind.

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Martin Allais, visual artist

Martin Allais, artiste visuel du Venezuela

Martin Allais is a pluridisciplinary designer, working essentially for illustration, animation and motion design. His productions are very varied and he works as well for advertising as for V-Jing projects (with for instance Four Tet). Born in Venezuela, latino-american culture is very important for him and in his work : he sees this culture as an original creation made of different parts of European, American and Pre-columbian cultures.

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