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Print design : LWLies - On the road edition

On the road par Little White Lies, un magazine expérimental à la manière de Jack Kerouac

For their "On the road" untitled issue, creators of independant english magazine Little White Lies decided to get inspiration from Jack Kerouac and his famous book "On the Road". They produced the magazine with the same process as Kerouac wrote his manuscript : on a long single paper scroll, like the old volumens.
The result is a very unusual magazine format, mixing up writing machine text and original illustrations, directly drawn on the same paper scroll and almost in the same time. The "handmade" aspect is very present and recalls some artist's travel sketchbooks. Illustrations are varied and interesting, but the detail which really seduced me is the calligraphed headtitles, very dynamic and contrasting with the structured paragraph of machine typed texts.

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Sketchtravel, the travelling sketchbook

Sketchtravel, a unique project featuring works of illustrators from all aroud the world in a single sketchbook

Sketchtravel is a unique project started by two illustrators, Dice Tsutsumi from Japan and Gérald Guerlais from France. The idea is very simple : a sketchbook of approximately 60 pages, gave hand to hand by artists all around the world. Each artist (cartoonist, illustrator, animator...) fill a page with an original artwork. Among these talented people, you can find some "stars" like Rebecca Dautremer (a very famous illustrator in France), Hayao Miyazaki or Bill Plympton.

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Desillusion Parano : on the road magazine

I wrote an article few months ago about Desillusion, a very beautiful french magazine dedicated to surf cultures (written in both french and english). Each time I open a new issue it's a great surprise for me to read the articles and to watch the nice graphic design, the great photographs and the magazine in itself (lot of different papers, original shapes...).
For the next issue the team had a great idea : to create the issue on the road, in a 1977 Chevrolet all over the West coast of France. Named "Desillusion Parano" in reference to "Las Vegas Parano", this next issue should be full of great encounters and nice pictures. Lucas, of the Desillusion team, sent me some of the first pictures of the trip, and you can discover it in the rest of this post, with a first video.
Pictures, link and video in the rest of this post !

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Ilha Formosa, paper art and data-visualization by Tien-Min Liao

Tien-Min Liao is a young taïwanese designer, who decided to continue her studies in New York after being graduated in her country. Loving her country and her culture, she realised that a large part of american people doesn't really know Taïwan. It gives her the idea to make an explicative book about life and culture in Taïwan.
Playing with the fashions of data-visualization and paper art, she made very good quality book, full of details and subtleties, which deals with a lot of topics like TV programs, weather, food habits...
More pictures and link in the rest of the article.

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Naomie Ross : type, motion, but print too

If you use to read and follow graphic trends blogs, you should have seen several times this beautiful video by Naomie Ross, detailing the process of a letterpress print. But talking about print, have you seen her printed works ? Surely not. Here we can see the limits of social networks and blogs : information just go around in circles, and you can find it several and several times without value added. Personally, I modestly try to go a bit farther than only repeating what other say, and that's why I've decided to talk in this post about Naomie Ross' printed works, which are worthy.

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Desillusion, un chouette magazine

Desillusion, un beau magazine de skate, surf et autres qui laisse la part belle aux photos et à la mise en page, le tout sur un ton décalé.

En skateboard, "skater en switch" signifie skater en intervertissant ses pieds, ça revient un peu à écrire de la main gauche pour un droitier. Ceci implique donc un certain esprit de contradiction, mais aussi l’envie de tester de nouvelles choses, d’ouvrir de nouvelles voies...

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