The story and universe are very original, so I tried to sum up the description written by the team :
Paphù is a 8 pixels tall character living in a world where idols are venerated, and where nothing seems to disturb their reign...
But among the pack of men, there is always one who stands out, a spoilsport... This one is called Paphù.

The project has already started (several episodes have been produced) and have been featured in some french medias, but today the project is stopped by a lack of funds. The team decided to use a crodfunding platform, Ulule, in order to find the money to produce the next episodes, websites, and more. The minimum amount of 5 euros will give you an access to the online dedicated platform, and since 20 euros you'll get some goodies according to the amount. And if the project don't get enough money, you'll get refund.
I think this project could be a great success, so I hope it will get the funds it needs !
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