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Lettering and chalkboard, dana tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer working in New York. She specialized in lettering on chalkboard, a discipline not so widely known in France, but very used abroad, in America and United Kingdom more especially. On a very basic material, the designer draws huge size signs, featuring very accurate lettering work. Personally I could watch these hand-made works a very long time ! This technique is also used as photographic illustrations, as part of magazine design or even package design.

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Skatolanera, graphic design and generative art by Enrico Bevere

I discovered the work of Enrico Bevere on Behance network some days ago. Working under the identity of Skatolanera, his creative lab, he develops very varied projects, for experimental or commercial purpose. His typographic experimental works, mixing up code generated design and type design, are very impressive.
Enrico accepted to answer to a few questions about his work and his vision of design, have a look at this interview in the rest of this article.

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Branding by Bravo Company

branding et design d'identité visuelle par Bravo Company

Based in Singapore, Bravo Companyis an inependant design studio which specialises in identity, brand development and art direction. The three members create a simple, sober graphic design, often including some funny element which warms up the identities.

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Lettering by Simon Ålander

lettrages et typographie par Simon Alander

Simon Ålander is a 24 years old swedish graphic designer passionate about typography and lettering. He finds inspiration into music, graffiti (which have a lot in common with typography) and the streetwear culture. His universe has also a little vintage influence, with some characters reminding 30's or 70's letterings. Anyway, the pictures are really beautiful and there is a great graphic variety inside.

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Office Milano, multi-disciplinary design firm

Office Milano is a multi-disciplinary design firm located in Milan, Italia. Specialized in brand identity design and art direction, the agency's portfolio is full of sobres and efficient graphic design works, with a nice use of typography and pictograms.

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Happy new year 2012 !

Carte de voeux 2012

A new year just started, the opportunity for me to wish you the best, happiness, health and success. The opportunity to make a little greetings card, I hope you'll find it nice.
For me, this year will be full of new experiences, as I explain in the card. A year which starts in a great way, with a tutorial and an interview published in a special Blog edition of the french editor Oracom.

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