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Giuseppe Mileti, a vision of nature

Discovered by chance on the Behance network, photographs of Giuseppe Mileti have a real style, a singular approach of nature and photography. Nature, trees and woods are the main subject of these works. Playing with texture, saturation and light, the trees seems mysterious, ghostly, but also very live and almost moving.

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Music video "When I am king" by Tim Knol directed by Sverre Fredriksen

This music video has been released two years ago, but after a quick search on the web it appears that there were not a lot of articles about it. However the video is really great, mixing up a lot of techniques : pyrography, stop-motion and animation (with a bit of modelling). Directed by Sverre Fredriksen and directed by YellowSubmarine, the video illustrates with humor and poetry the song "When I am king" by Tim Knol. The video making-of unveils some details of concetion work, which needed several hours of work for one second of animation.

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Visual identities by Pavel Emelyanov

Pavel Emelyanov is a Russian graphic designer working in Murmansk. His work consists for the most of designing visual identities. His portfolio contains great designs of logotypes and graphic guidelines, for a wide range of clients.

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Rolling Through the Bay, 35 years of toothpicks and creativity

Rolling Through the Bay is a unique piece of art, the kind of work we could see in a movie or a comic book. Scott Weaver, an american artist, spent 35 years of his live to make it with toothpicks. The sculpture features "tours" allowing ping-pong balls to roll through the piece of art.The sculpture symbolises the city of San Francisco by containing the main monuments and spots of the city, placed along the tours. A really creative and original work, which seduces a very wide public, thanks to the imaginary feeling it evokes. The details and concepts are important too for the artist, who used only one brand of glue, and foreign toothpicks to make the trees of the city.

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Graphic puzzles

Searching for ideas, manipulating connection between concepts, creating relationships between words, pictures, defining new ways to see things… These activities are a large part of the designer work, before any production work. In the same way a developer combines logical blocks, handles variables and conditionnals, the graphic designer orders ideas and visual combinations in an original, efficient and unexpected way.

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Munge Leung, luxury interior design

Munge Leung is an interior design firm located in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1997, the firm specialized its work into interior design for the fields of hospitality, nightclubs, restaurants and original personnal houses. Between decoration, product design and architecture, the works contains a lot of beautiful details in a whole project, which allows the agency to work on huge proposals.
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