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Martin Allais, visual artist

Martin Allais, artiste visuel du Venezuela

Martin Allais is a pluridisciplinary designer, working essentially for illustration, animation and motion design. His productions are very varied and he works as well for advertising as for V-Jing projects (with for instance Four Tet). Born in Venezuela, latino-american culture is very important for him and in his work : he sees this culture as an original creation made of different parts of European, American and Pre-columbian cultures.

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Paphù vs Idols

Paphù un projet de série d'animation en pixel art

Paphù vs Idols is a french transmedias pixel art animation series, produced by Citron Bien (Pierre Dron), written by Jean-Pierre Poirel, animated by Hélène Ducrocq (Read more about her works) and musically illustrated by Fabrice Faltraue.

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My family and the wolf teaser

My family and the wolf, teaser du dessin animé

A great work of animation, nice colours, a childish universe and holidays... This teaser of animation film My family and the wolf will surely make you want to see the full film. Still in production, the film is directed by spanish studio Headless and produced by Nectarious Film. It seems the launch is planed for 2012, and I think it could be a great success.

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short animation film : Codehunters by Ben Hibon

Produced for MTV Asia, Codehunters is a short animation film directed by Ben Hibon in 2006. This director has created several animation sequences for different movies like Harry Potter, Sucker Punch or the recent Mirror Mirror. Even if the scenario don't give a lot of details, an interesting story and a nice universe give the short film a great identity.

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Music video : Dog Days Are Over by Florence and The Machine, directed by Legs Media

Florence and The Machine, music video of Dog Days Are Over

This video is not very new, it was realeased in 2010, but when I found it some days ago I immediately thought that it has its place on this blog. Directed by american video studio Legs Media, it gives the track Dog Days Are Over of Florence and The Machine a really great visual interpretation. Each instrument is embodied in one or more characters who progressively come into the video. The costumes, the plays of lights, the editing create a very original universe mixing up a lot of varied influences which reflects the originality and the richness of the music.

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Robot, visual effects and strange videos

Robot, an australian visual effects agency

Robot is an australian visual effects agency, mostly working for commercial videos. Their productions are very impressive, both by the great technique and the very strange scenarios. The videos are fun but often weird and sometimes a bit disturbing. The teaser of their upcoming production, Fugu & Tako, is a good example : it tells the story of a japanese salaryman with a fish head. In addition, the agency has a partnership with the great french production agency ChezEddy, which produced several videos you can watch on this blog.

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