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Webdesigns by Vanessa Pepin

webdesign par Vanessa Pepin

Vanessa Pepin is an art director and webdesigner working for the Quebec agency Deuxhuithuit. I discovered her works on Behance and her interactive design works are very impressive. They combine legibility, typographic precision and graphic identity with a clever use of recent HTML/CSS technologies.
An interesting example is her work for Le Clou theatre, which is outstanding on several point of vues : a very legible and user friendly layout, a nice use of responsive design techniques, and an interesting organization of content, especially on spectacles pages.

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Webdesign selection : Mountain

I start a new type of article with this post : thematic selection of webdesigns. This kind of posts are pretty classic and you can find a lot of examples on blogs, but there are a lot of themes that nobody talk about. By example : mountains. Maybe you wonder why making a selection of webdesigns about such a theme, but I had to make it for a professionnal project and I thought it was a good idea to share it with you some of the most interesting websites. By the way, feel free to share interesting websites you bookmarked in the comments.

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A version of Ramayana by Fi for Google Chrome

For the promotion of his famous browser Chrome in Asia, Google ask agency Fi to conceive an interactive campaign. In order to show its expertise, the agency include a case study on its website. As usual with Fi, a very high level of creativity, programming technique and professionnalism.

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Skatolanera, graphic design and generative art by Enrico Bevere

I discovered the work of Enrico Bevere on Behance network some days ago. Working under the identity of Skatolanera, his creative lab, he develops very varied projects, for experimental or commercial purpose. His typographic experimental works, mixing up code generated design and type design, are very impressive.
Enrico accepted to answer to a few questions about his work and his vision of design, have a look at this interview in the rest of this article.

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Chragokyberneticks, mixing up graphic design and illustration

Chragokybernetiks (or CHKY), is the studio of a very talented graphic designer and illustrator, Christoph Frei. Based in the city of Bern, Switzerland, he applies his personnal approach of graphic design on varied projects, allowing him to explore several visual directions.

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Designforfun, graphic design made in Facebook

Designforfun is the online portfolio of Ben Barry, who's currently the official Facebook's graphic designer. Even if at first, Facebook seems a bit graphically poor, this portfolio shows a hidden part of the network's design. You'll find inside very carefully designed pictures, which have for me a special "american touch", particularly in the use of typography.
Ben Barry likes to play with a small number of colors and striking images. It's very interesting to see how he applies to Facebook his particular style and keeping in the same time functionnality.
Pictures and link in the rest of the article.

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