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Deep Frequency par Angélique Paultes

Deep Frequency, short animation film by Angélique Paultes

Deep Frequency is a short animation film directed by Angélique Paultes. More precisely it's her graduation work in the Lyon based school Emile Cohl. The music has an important place in the movie, it's almost a music video. classical 2D animation is mixed up with motion design sequences.

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Le conte de la princesse Kaguya - Isao Takahata

I recently saw The Tale of Princess Kaguya, last movie from Ghibli studio, directed by Isao Takahata. As a big fan of animation movies and Ghibli studio, it's always a great time to see their production in theatre. Based on an old japanese tale, the story has an interesting philosophical aspect but could be understood and appreciated by a large audience, like almost all the Ghibli's productions. By the way, we can find a kind of melancholia as in the last movie of Miyazaki, The Wind Rises.

But more than the story, the graphic style of the movie is really amazing. Mixing up charcoal sketching and watercolor, the design is far away from the other Ghibli movies, even if we can find a derivation from the style of My Neighbors the Yamadas. The drawing is full of life and keeps a lot of spontaneity from the hand of the animator, giving a nice dynamics. This is balanced by the watercolor coloring, with different atmospheres according to the scenes. The whole animation is great, especially on the first scenes when the main character grows up in the moutain. Nature, birds, insects, trees... are simply very beautiful. And as usual with Ghibli, the children are full of energy and their moves and attitudes almost perfect.

A great movie, with strong graphic and scenaristic choices, where animation is at its best !

My Strange Grandfather, stop motion short film by Dina Velikovskaya

My Strange Grandfather, court métrage en animation de marionnette et stop motion

Dina Velikovskaya is still studying at the Russian State University of Cinematography, but after watching her last short film, "My Strange Grandfather", we can easily think the director has several years of experience. Based on the stop motion puppets animation technique, the film is really beautiful, with amazing details allowing the artist to create a very unique atmosphere. Elements like the soundtrack, the wind illusion, or the post-production effects give the whole a great quality, with a nice story. A very talented student who surely will be a major animation artist in the next years.

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Récession Terminale, sand animation film

David Myriam is a pluri-disciplinary artist who specializes in sand animation. He uses this technique for animation films, but also works live during events all over the world.
Récession Terminale, (meaning in french something like "final recession"), is his last work, produced by Citron Bien (which produces very interesting animation films, like Paphù vs idols).

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Metro, short animation film by Jacob Wyatt

Metro, un court métrage d'animation par Jacob Wyatt

Metro is a short animation film directed by Jacob Wyatt when he was stuudying at Brigham Young University. The story's about a little girl in the subway, a bit scared by a world she apparently does'nt really know. But after the first sequences the scenario becomes more fantastic and develops an imaginary world with a new character, a strange white fox.

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Martin Allais, visual artist

Martin Allais, artiste visuel du Venezuela

Martin Allais is a pluridisciplinary designer, working essentially for illustration, animation and motion design. His productions are very varied and he works as well for advertising as for V-Jing projects (with for instance Four Tet). Born in Venezuela, latino-american culture is very important for him and in his work : he sees this culture as an original creation made of different parts of European, American and Pre-columbian cultures.

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