His creations, figurative or abstract, result from a play of colours and shapes composition in which we glimpse programmed rythmes and structures. There is a great diversity in this work, and we can clearly feel a testimony from the classical painting (some works remind the pointillism, other are close to De Stijl, or even the Op Art...).
Moreover, if you're interested in this kind of digital art, I suggest you to try Processing, a programming language specially designed to realise this sort of graphics. Holger Lippmann use it for his animated paintings (and maybe for others too). A Javascript fork of Processing is available too.


Holger Lippmann, art numérique, peinture programmation
Holger Lippmann, art programmation numerique, peinture aléatoire
Holger Lippmann, peinture processing art programmation peinture numérique
Holger Lippmann, peinture abstraite programmation, peinture mandala processing
Holger Lippmann, peinture processing, art numérique aléatoire

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