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Calligraphy and football, Kaalam for STC Sport

a saudi campain mixing up football and calligraphy

Browsing some projects on Behance I discovered this great work mixing up football and calligraphy. STC, a saudi media company, wanted to make a campain to promote its international football activity, but without losing its arabic and saudi culture. They choose to mix into the picture two themes : football and calligraphy, to recall the local culture. In order to create these pictures they ask french freelancer calligrapher Julien Breton, also known as Kaalam, to design the calligraphy.

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Moodley brand identity, corporate identity specialists

Moodley Brand Identity is an austrian agency which specializes in corporate design. It implies a very large field of competences, from marketing to graphic design or package design. The works have really a great quality. The identities are not limited to logotypes and graphic guidelines but they build a real brand universe playing with a lot of medias.

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Andre cruz, music posters

André Cruz, portughese graphic designer who specializes in music field

André Cruz is a portuguese graphic designer from Porto. He works for musical events or festivals, and conceives for them the communication and more especially the posters. A quite specialized design, in a nice field, which gives the designer some large freedom in his creativity. Personaly I really like his use of typography and hand lettering, giving the pictures a great visual impact. By the way, some posters recall the work of Reid Miles, a famous designer who influenced a lot jazz music design.

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Stanislas Bilek, czech graphic designer

czech graphic designer

Stanislas Bilek is a freelance graphic designer based in Brno, in Czech Republic. He works essentially on identities, print and web design. Playing on destructured typography and abstract vectorial shapes, his logotype designs have nevertheless an almost swiss rigor.

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Tom, DIck & Harry identity by Mike McQuade

Mike McQuade is an american graphic designer and illustrator based in Chicago. Working directly fro the client or as a freelancer for an agency, he keeps a great personal style, very "american" from my french point of vue. His talents allowed him to work with well-known clients like the New York Times, Wired Magazine, BBDO or the Harvard Business Review.

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Lettering and chalkboard, dana tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer working in New York. She specialized in lettering on chalkboard, a discipline not so widely known in France, but very used abroad, in America and United Kingdom more especially. On a very basic material, the designer draws huge size signs, featuring very accurate lettering work. Personally I could watch these hand-made works a very long time ! This technique is also used as photographic illustrations, as part of magazine design or even package design.

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