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Dreamtime, a water alarm clock

Dreamtime, a water-working alarm clock

Dreamtime is an alarm clock designed by Vera Wiedermann, a young designer from Austria. It works in a simple but very innovative way : it uses energy of water and gravity. Like an hourglass, the water drops during your sleep, and a basic mecanism wakes you up when the little tank is empty. A very soft and poetic way to start your day ! The designer precises that the idea behind this project was to let people focus on the sleep, by creating a specific time, a ritual to fill the alarm clock and see how long will be the rest.

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Moodley brand identity, corporate identity specialists

Moodley Brand Identity is an austrian agency which specializes in corporate design. It implies a very large field of competences, from marketing to graphic design or package design. The works have really a great quality. The identities are not limited to logotypes and graphic guidelines but they build a real brand universe playing with a lot of medias.

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