Inside their workshop, one can find saws, soldering irons, beside laptops and computers. The team creates new programs, new interfaces, with a surprising, poetic, artistic aspect. Their productions includes a lot of materials like textile, multi-touch tables, but also sand or pebbles, and sometimes make them interact together.
The code is of course an important part of the work, but the graphic and artistic side is carefully designed. This design allows the public to forget the interface in itself in order to focus on the feeling, the game, to enjoy the experience and not the product. There is also often something fun in their creations, which allows everyone (from children to adults, from technically skilled people to newbies) to enjoy the installation.
The Everyware portfolio is very rich and contains a large number of various works, with often videos to see how the production interacts with the public. I embedd below some of these videos, but I suggest you to visit the online portfolio to discover these experiences more deeply.