If I start this article by these words, it's because it's the reflexion I had when discovering the following three projects. They use, each in its way, this idea of connection, of modularity, with the goal to make a lot of different results from a same raw material. Each of them have their own identity, but they contain a kind of common logical, which reminds children games and puzzles systems.


Nuzzles is among the three projects, the one which really uses the puzzle concept. Using the codes of children games, the big wooden handcrafted letters just fit together perfectly and create words. In addition to the beauty of the object, we can see in it a reflection about language and world building. If one piece is missing, the whole just collapses.

Watch Packaging

This work, designed by the indian agency Sahron Nayak Design, plays with two rotating pictures circles, in the same way as the circular movement of a watch. By rotating the package design, the user makes several different versions of the product, producing fun and absurd pictures. A nice way to start a new day with an interactive box.
Project's page on Behance

Block Stories

The last project refeers to one of the most basical children game : building cubes. By painting an original picture on each cube's faces, b> allows the user to create a story with a collection of independant characters and events. The story takes place in the connection and the succession of the faces, allowing to modify the whole only by rotating a single element. An interesting point of vue about narration and story buiding, with a very nice graphic design.
Project's page on Behance