Mademoiselle Dimanche is a full flash e-business website selling hand made printed fabrics. The navigation is very simple, and colours and typographic work give the site a very pleasant use. Products are very well displayed too. An e-business website providing an original user experience., website design by

Here is an other full flash website, the portfolio of Pianofuzz agency, located in Brasil. An original graphic atmosphere, a very smooth and interactive navigation introducing beautiful realisations.

To communicate about it's famous paper range Conqueror, ArjoWiggins asked Reflexgroup to create a specific full flash website. The site uses different graphic spaces to introduce the features and qualities of the products. You can notice that the company asked famous typographer Jean-François Porchez to design a very complete typographic family called "Conqueror", downloadable for free., Jean-François Porchez's website

A beautiful universe, full flash designed, for the website of the french artist Emilie Loizeau. A vintage and atypical graphic design, evoking engraving or pen-and-ink drawing. A realisation by Lajungle.

The Critical Mass is a german website designed in the fashion of data visualization. Beautiful circular graphics, using action script properties to make rotations and 3D perspectives.

This site was launched some months ago, but personnaly I don't get tired of this interactive experience. For the Claude Monet exhibition in Paris, french agency Les 84 designed an interactive trip into the painter's works, allowing the web user a virtual visit.

Discovered by chance, this japanese website provides flash experiments featuring random and programming.

The Montreal Fashion Week website, designed by Akufen, is a proof of the high graphic design level of the agency, mostly known for it's flash realisations. A structured layout, a beautiful typographic work, and nice black and white photos give this site a sober and strong visual identity.

It's on Feedback Roulette that I came upon the Opéra de Paris website. A sober site, which give a high place to videos and photos to share an idea of the spectacles. I think this website could make you come to a spectacle.

To finish, the Coda's website : a strongly grid based layout for this electric automotive brand. The mockup, built with blocks, could appear to be simple at a first vue but it contains some subtleties like interactive videos. A graphic style quite original I think, compared to other automotive brands websites.