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All of the fonts of this website have the same license. By downloading a font you accept the terms of the following license.

- This font is free for personal and commercial use.

- You have the right to modify this font, but strictly for your personnal use. You don’t have the right to distribute this font after modifications.

- Embedding is allowed (as in .swf or .pdf files).

- You don’t have the right to distribute this font, even for free.

- this font is the intellectual property of Clément Romier.

- Clément Romier is not liable for any problems resulting from the use of this font.

- By sharing this font to public, Clément Romier asserts that at his knowledge and into the limits of a reasonable survey amongst existing fonts, this font is not the subject of a violation of any rights, including property rights, brands rights, or any other punishable damage to any third party. This font has been created by Clément Romier, from original drawings not based on any existing work.