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Music videos: "Espanola" by Jali and "Du monde tout autour" by Louise Attaque

two stunning music videos : Espanola by Jali and Du monde tout autour by Louise Attaque, produced by ChezEddy

A short post to introduce two music videos, produced by the french agency ChezEddy. Graphically and musically, they're full of good vibrations and high quality.

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Music Video "Elle Demeure" by Ana Dess realised by Hélène Ducrocq from Kaam collective

French transmedia artist Ana Dess chose Kaam collective, based in Valence, France, to realise the music video for her song 'Elle demeure'. The song tells the story of a house. It's Hélène Ducrocq (I wrote some articles about her work here and here) who realised this video, and the result is just amazing. It uses an animation technique called Stratastencil which consists on animating paper sheets cuted and put on perspective. The effect is very special and give the movie a great aspect (even if I think it's pretty exhausting to make).
A part of the movie is also realised with the traditionnal stop-motion technique, made by transforming and moving real objects.

Read the rest of this post to watch the making of and more pictures !

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Music Video : Caffeine by Brandt Braueur Frick realised by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna

It's a beautiful hand-drawn style music video that Danae Diaz (spanish graphic designer located in Berlin) and Patricia Luna (russian graphic designer working in Barcelona) realised to illustrate the music 'Caffeine' by Brand Braueur Frick. A kafkaian atmosphere in which robotic workers are endless repeating same gestures, same paths, symbolised by graphic elements from the urban work world like elevators, automatic doors, traffic lights... Even if a strange and stressing atmosphere is conveyed, I find it's perfectly adapted to the music. The end of the film is a bit strange and mysterious, if someone has an interpretation feel free to share it in the comments ! www.danaediaz.com

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Selbstgesprächen, interactive musical experience

Selbstgesprächen (which could be translated by something like "dialog with myself") is a project born of the collaboration between german artist Karlo Jurina and webdesign studio Britzpetermann. At the listenning of the debut album of Karlo Jurina, studio Britzpetermann decided to create an interactive experience dedicated to bring it a new visual dimension. This work produced a very interesting minimalistic website, allowing the user to listen the album while "vizualisating" it through the interactive music player.

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Passion Pictures, film production company

Passion Pictures is a film production company founded in 1987 by Andrew Ruhemann. The company has actually several studios through the world, like in Paris, London, New York or Melbourne. As well as working for advertising, music videos or animation, Passion Picturesworks in the field of television too,and produces documentaries. The company works with several very talented artists from a lot of countries. The videos are simply stunning, with a very high level of finishing, even when special effects are not used. Through the different realisations you can find the intro and outro sequence of the game Rockband - The Beatles, thelast stop motion advertising for Citroen C3, the TV ads for the french bank Caisse d'épargne or also the Gorillaz' music videos... In the rest of this article I suggest you a little selection of their best works, in video of course !

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Interview : Cumulus, motion design and graphic design collective

Cumulus, un collectif de motion design basé à Lyon, travaillant dans les domaines du motion graphics et du graphisme print.

Cumulus is a motion graphics and graphic design collective located in Lyon, France. This studio works for clients like Bouygues, Tv channel Arte, or the french city Villeurbanne.. The collective is also active in the music field, with music videos direction and VJing performances. In this article you can read an interview of the three members of Cumulus Collective. The original interview was in french, so I tried to translate it into English but my english skills are limited...

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