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8 hands, 4 pianos, gershwin piano quartet

With this video producted for the Gershwin Piano Quartet, director Georg Lendorff surely found one of the simplest but efficient way to graphically represent music. The height hands of the players, their reflections on the pianos, a great light allow the pictures to perfectly convey the music, through its rythms, melodys and the expressiveness of the pianists. And if you like Gershwin's music, it's even better !

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Music video : Somebody That I Used to know by Gotye directed by Natasha Pincus

clip de Gotye 'Somebody that I use to know' réalisé par Natasha Pincus

A short article to share with you this music video for the song "Somebody That I Use To Know" by the australian artist Gotye. Directed by Natasha Pincus through Starkraving, her production company, the video shows the two singers in a symbolic staging mixing up bodypainting and stop motion. I think that the pictures fit very well with the song, with a strong identity but a lot of poetry. Enjoy :)

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Music video "When I am king" by Tim Knol directed by Sverre Fredriksen

This music video has been released two years ago, but after a quick search on the web it appears that there were not a lot of articles about it. However the video is really great, mixing up a lot of techniques : pyrography, stop-motion and animation (with a bit of modelling). Directed by Sverre Fredriksen and directed by YellowSubmarine, the video illustrates with humor and poetry the song "When I am king" by Tim Knol. The video making-of unveils some details of concetion work, which needed several hours of work for one second of animation.

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Musicvideo : Variations sur Marilou by Bashung, realised by Maxime Bruneel

Alain Bashung and Serge Gainsbourg were two very very famous french singers (I don't know if they're known abroad). Alain Bashung, who passed away few years ago, made a cover album of Gainsbourg's L'home à la tête de chou. For the coming soon release of this album, a teaser video was produced by french video production agency ChezEddy and directed by Maxime Brunnel. This music video is almost a perfect illustration of this erotic song, with a great tone playing on subtle colours, sober graphics, a great animation work and not too much suggestive pictures.

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Reid Miles, a vision of jazz music

Reid Miles, a graphic vision of jazz

In the days of digital, of mp3, of ITunes and downloading, the relationship between music and graphic design is getting less and less visible. It still exists, of course, and I presume it finds its future into video or interactivity. But if we have to compare to the visual richness of 50's, 60's, 70's and even the mid 90's, the musical graphic design of today is less rich and creative.
This eveolution not depends only on internet, because the raising of CD, with its more little display surface than vinyl discs, has restrained the graphic design expression surface. More over, some discs contained real edition works with posters, leaflets, allowing the designers and bands to really developp rich and detailed visual universes.
Today's young designers (like me), don't know for the most this interesting past of music design. However, it has create varied and experimental design, through the different music styles. It's in this objective that I introduced in an old article the Storm Thorgerson's work. Today I write this post about another great music designer, Reid Miles, who marked another music style, jazz music.

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Interview : Audionerve, sound designer from Hamburg

audionerve interview : a sound designer working for motion design

There are not a lot of articles about sound design on the websites I'm following, even if it plays a great part into motion design videos. Not really music, but not only sound effects, sound design allows to convey an identity, an emotion, a universe that completes the pictures. Let's have a deeper look into this field with a little interview of Jochen Mader, a german sound designer working in Hamburg through the identity Audionerve

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