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Everyware, inventing new interfaces

Everyware, installations interactives

Recreating intelligence, simulating life, modeling real situations have always been objectives in computing history. the Game of Life and the 70's cellular automatons are the most basic examples (in a design point of vue), even if they already contain the most important parameters. With the increase of computing power and the improvement of the interfaces (screens, multi-touch devices or haptic interfaces) the interactive and visual possibilities of these programs become more interesting and allow to develop more fun and artistic applications. The launch of new languages like Processing also help artists and designers to use computing in their works.
It's in this context that the korean creative computing group Everyware creates new kind of interfaces and programs.

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Skatolanera, graphic design and generative art by Enrico Bevere

I discovered the work of Enrico Bevere on Behance network some days ago. Working under the identity of Skatolanera, his creative lab, he develops very varied projects, for experimental or commercial purpose. His typographic experimental works, mixing up code generated design and type design, are very impressive.
Enrico accepted to answer to a few questions about his work and his vision of design, have a look at this interview in the rest of this article.

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Red Paper Heart, art and code

Red Paper Heart is a New-York based collective of artists and coders, composed of Charlie Whitney, Daniel Scheibel, Philip Sierzega and Zander Brimijoin. Together they realise interactive projects mixing up animation, design and code. Playing with experimental interfaces (like a bike), their works could be seen as interactive motion design. The installation for the Cycling Classic 2011 event, creating a bike race in a progressive graphic environment, is particularly exciting.

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Motion graphics by Alexandre Le Guillou

Alexandre Le Guillou, motion design et interactivité

Alexandre Le Guillou is a french artistic director and motion designer. Even if the most of his works are videos, he has a special interest in computing and creative programming. His generated pictures and motions, created with Processing language, vvvv IDE or the Kinnect interface, have a great style and keep an experimental and programming touch.

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Music video "When I am king" by Tim Knol directed by Sverre Fredriksen

This music video has been released two years ago, but after a quick search on the web it appears that there were not a lot of articles about it. However the video is really great, mixing up a lot of techniques : pyrography, stop-motion and animation (with a bit of modelling). Directed by Sverre Fredriksen and directed by YellowSubmarine, the video illustrates with humor and poetry the song "When I am king" by Tim Knol. The video making-of unveils some details of concetion work, which needed several hours of work for one second of animation.

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Orgesticulanismus by Mathieu Labaye

Orgesticulanismus, an animation by Mathieu Labaye

A few years ago, Mind Game gave me this feeling. But since that it's the first time that an animation stuns me this way. In a visual, technical and emotional point of vue this film is really great. Mathieu Labaye, a very talented animator, made this animation in tribute to his father, who was paralysed by a sclerosis at 29 and deceased at 55. It's from an interview of him that the film begins, starting by the handicap, motionless, to reach the abstract and extreme motion. Very original and experimental, the animation is the very technique to sublime the motion, with an infinite freedom of evolution. The middle part of the film, featuring a crazy dance, is really stunning (the work on sound effects and music is great too), and just for this scene you must see this video.

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