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Mariko Mori at the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

Mariko Mori - Adobe Museum of Digital Art

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media opens his brand new virtual exhibition introducing the new project of Mariko Mori. Let's talk a bit about the museum before getting onto the work : the Adobe Museum is a virtual space dedicated to the contemporary digital arts, founded by the famous company one year ago. The museum is built around a 3D space containing several rooms specially designed for each exhibition. The last exhibitions featured artists as Toni Oursler or John Maeda. Currently the new exhibition is conceived by the famous japanese artist Mariko Mori, and it's called "Journey to Seven Light Bay".
More precisely, it's not exactly an exhibition but more a work in progress of a new piece of art, which could be considered both as land art and digital art. it utilises advanced digital technologies to give the piece of art a kind of interactive aspect. The work will be composed of two monumental elements placed into a bay in the island of Okinawa, in Japan. The first element, a transparent pillar, is already installed on a rock. The second one will be a huge spherical installation which will float on the water and change its colour according to the tide. The whole will be placed in order to the shadow of the pillar reaches the sphere on winter solstice. This work is in some way a link : technology meets nature, and prehistoric art (see the megalithic works like Stonehenge) meets contemporary creation.

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Makoto Azuma, artistic and vegetal

Azuma Makoto, contemporary japanese art

Makoto Azuma is a contemporary japanese artist who works around vegetal and plants. His aim is "to increase the existential value of plants by finding out the most mysterious figure only owned by flowers and plants and converting it to the artistic expression". A very original artistic work, using plants and flowers as a raw material, modifying it in a very surprising way, and giving the public a new point of vue. In addition, the artist has several different activities, including a haute couture flower shop and a gardening club in Tokyo.

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Industrial design : creative process of Donn Koh

Donn Koh is an industrial designer from Singapore. His experiences led him to work with a lot of prestigious companies, and to found his own studio in 2010 with 4 other (very talented too) designers.
His Behance portfolio is one of the most interesting I've seen since a long time. There are very varied and innovative projects, but the most interesting are the details of the creative process of the designer. Actually, before drawing the first sketch, he works a lot to define very precisely the original need. What is the use of the product ? What kind of use scenario can we imagine ? What are the problems with similar products ? This approach, very user centered, produces stunning, original and innovative solutions.
In my point of vue, this way to conceve a design project should be consistently employed, whatever the design discipline is (graphic design, product design, space design...), and especially in a multimedia design, with a lot of varied user interactions.
But let's stop digressing and let's lloking at some pictures from Donn Koh's portfolio, which I suggest you to visit.

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Strangers of Singapore's streets : the work of Danny Santos

Furtive figures, frank and honest expressions, funny scenes of the everyday life... The shots of Danny Santos remind me a kind of photographic sketchbook of urban life, full of details and different characters. The crowd, which could erase the particularities and give the street a homogeneous aspect, is used by the photographer as a background in order to highlight a face, or a posture...
Trained as graphic designer, Danny Santos is a week end photographer, loving to shoot strangers in the streets of Singapore, through different styles : close-up portraits, atmospheres, night shots...
I find in his work a kind of sincerity which is a bit rare to found. Maybe the frontal compositions increase this feeling, giving the sensation to have the subject just in front of you.
Some pictures and link in the rest of this post.

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Ilha Formosa, paper art and data-visualization by Tien-Min Liao

Tien-Min Liao is a young taïwanese designer, who decided to continue her studies in New York after being graduated in her country. Loving her country and her culture, she realised that a large part of american people doesn't really know Taïwan. It gives her the idea to make an explicative book about life and culture in Taïwan.
Playing with the fashions of data-visualization and paper art, she made very good quality book, full of details and subtleties, which deals with a lot of topics like TV programs, weather, food habits...
More pictures and link in the rest of the article.

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LOOVVOOL, luxury and branding

LOOVVOOL is an agency founded by Hannes Unt in 2004 and located in Hong Kong. Specialized into visual identity and branding (more specially luxury branding) the agency realised elegant and efficient logotypes and brandings. You can find agency's clients all around the world. More pictures and links in the rest of this post.

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