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Habitant, korean motion design studio

Habitant is a korean motion design studio. With ten designers of a large field of creation , the team works on videos and animations for advertising, conference projections and exhibitions as well as more artistic projects that we can find projected on walls or in art exhibitions. A minimalist and sensible approach recall slightly the asian origins of the studio.

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Everyware, inventing new interfaces

Everyware, installations interactives

Recreating intelligence, simulating life, modeling real situations have always been objectives in computing history. the Game of Life and the 70's cellular automatons are the most basic examples (in a design point of vue), even if they already contain the most important parameters. With the increase of computing power and the improvement of the interfaces (screens, multi-touch devices or haptic interfaces) the interactive and visual possibilities of these programs become more interesting and allow to develop more fun and artistic applications. The launch of new languages like Processing also help artists and designers to use computing in their works.
It's in this context that the korean creative computing group Everyware creates new kind of interfaces and programs.

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Branding by Bravo Company

branding et design d'identité visuelle par Bravo Company

Based in Singapore, Bravo Companyis an inependant design studio which specialises in identity, brand development and art direction. The three members create a simple, sober graphic design, often including some funny element which warms up the identities.

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Sumeru, an inner journey by Nick Pedersen

Sumeru is a photographic montage series by Nick Pedersen. Inspired by zen meditation, the pictures depict the mental journey we travel while meditating, the spirit runing over different steps of perceptions and consciousness. Very dream-like pictures, full of details and pictures, with a strong symbolism.

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Art direction by Marek Okon

Marek Okon, art director in Japan

Born in Poland, Marek Okon studied in Toronto, Canada, before leaving for Japan in order to work as an Art Director for Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo. He works for a wide range of clients, and his special interest for motion graphics and digital design allow him to work on video projects as well as illustrations or print design. A very original graphic language, with a lot of varied influences giving it a great visual richness.

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Blanq, artistic direction

Blanq is an agency based in Taïwan. It bands together talented people from different fields and works for design, artistic direction or identity projects. Their works have a strong artistic approach, with a real visual search. Very creative pictures which play sometimes on the fields of fashion or art.

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