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Musicvideo : Variations sur Marilou by Bashung, realised by Maxime Bruneel

Alain Bashung and Serge Gainsbourg were two very very famous french singers (I don't know if they're known abroad). Alain Bashung, who passed away few years ago, made a cover album of Gainsbourg's L'home à la tête de chou. For the coming soon release of this album, a teaser video was produced by french video production agency ChezEddy and directed by Maxime Brunnel. This music video is almost a perfect illustration of this erotic song, with a great tone playing on subtle colours, sober graphics, a great animation work and not too much suggestive pictures.

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Sketchtravel, the travelling sketchbook

Sketchtravel, a unique project featuring works of illustrators from all aroud the world in a single sketchbook

Sketchtravel is a unique project started by two illustrators, Dice Tsutsumi from Japan and Gérald Guerlais from France. The idea is very simple : a sketchbook of approximately 60 pages, gave hand to hand by artists all around the world. Each artist (cartoonist, illustrator, animator...) fill a page with an original artwork. Among these talented people, you can find some "stars" like Rebecca Dautremer (a very famous illustrator in France), Hayao Miyazaki or Bill Plympton.

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Music videos: "Espanola" by Jali and "Du monde tout autour" by Louise Attaque

two stunning music videos : Espanola by Jali and Du monde tout autour by Louise Attaque, produced by ChezEddy

A short post to introduce two music videos, produced by the french agency ChezEddy. Graphically and musically, they're full of good vibrations and high quality.

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Super 8 concept arts by Jamie Rama

Super 8 movie's concept artworks, designed by Jamie Rama

You may have seen Super 8, the great film by J.J Abrams, released in France a few weeks ago. I discovered today the concept art designed for the movie production by Jamie Rama, and they are just stunning. The pictures are very very well realisaed, but the most sensational is the way the movie looks like these pictures. If you remember some scenes of the film you can easily find them into these artworks.
More pictures in the rest of this post !

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Desillusion Parano : on the road magazine

I wrote an article few months ago about Desillusion, a very beautiful french magazine dedicated to surf cultures (written in both french and english). Each time I open a new issue it's a great surprise for me to read the articles and to watch the nice graphic design, the great photographs and the magazine in itself (lot of different papers, original shapes...).
For the next issue the team had a great idea : to create the issue on the road, in a 1977 Chevrolet all over the West coast of France. Named "Desillusion Parano" in reference to "Las Vegas Parano", this next issue should be full of great encounters and nice pictures. Lucas, of the Desillusion team, sent me some of the first pictures of the trip, and you can discover it in the rest of this post, with a first video.
Pictures, link and video in the rest of this post !

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Music Video "Elle Demeure" by Ana Dess realised by Hélène Ducrocq from Kaam collective

French transmedia artist Ana Dess chose Kaam collective, based in Valence, France, to realise the music video for her song 'Elle demeure'. The song tells the story of a house. It's Hélène Ducrocq (I wrote some articles about her work here and here) who realised this video, and the result is just amazing. It uses an animation technique called Stratastencil which consists on animating paper sheets cuted and put on perspective. The effect is very special and give the movie a great aspect (even if I think it's pretty exhausting to make).
A part of the movie is also realised with the traditionnal stop-motion technique, made by transforming and moving real objects.

Read the rest of this post to watch the making of and more pictures !

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