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Short animation film : Jolie Bobine

Jolie Bobine, short 3D animation film

Jolie Bobine is a short 3D animation film directed by Nicolas Deruy, Sylvain Simao, Samuel Rivière and Stephanie Burnet from an original idea of Alexandra Latour (former students of Bellecour school). The movie is a nice animation work, with a surprising scenario and an interesting editing. A beautiful discovery and designers to keep an eye on.

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Interview of Patrick Clair, motion designer from Sydney

Interview of Patrick Clair, motion designer from Sydney, Australia

Patrick Clair is a motion designer from Sydney, Australia. He specializes in visualizing information and directing design teams. Unlike a lot of motion designers working only for the web media, Patrick essentially works for TV He produces very efficient and original videos, with sometimes more experimental and artistic projects.
Patrick answered my questions through a little interview, in which he explains his career, his vision of motion design and design on other medias..

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Musicvideo : Variations sur Marilou by Bashung, realised by Maxime Bruneel

Alain Bashung and Serge Gainsbourg were two very very famous french singers (I don't know if they're known abroad). Alain Bashung, who passed away few years ago, made a cover album of Gainsbourg's L'home à la tête de chou. For the coming soon release of this album, a teaser video was produced by french video production agency ChezEddy and directed by Maxime Brunnel. This music video is almost a perfect illustration of this erotic song, with a great tone playing on subtle colours, sober graphics, a great animation work and not too much suggestive pictures.

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Industrial design : creative process of Donn Koh

Donn Koh is an industrial designer from Singapore. His experiences led him to work with a lot of prestigious companies, and to found his own studio in 2010 with 4 other (very talented too) designers.
His Behance portfolio is one of the most interesting I've seen since a long time. There are very varied and innovative projects, but the most interesting are the details of the creative process of the designer. Actually, before drawing the first sketch, he works a lot to define very precisely the original need. What is the use of the product ? What kind of use scenario can we imagine ? What are the problems with similar products ? This approach, very user centered, produces stunning, original and innovative solutions.
In my point of vue, this way to conceve a design project should be consistently employed, whatever the design discipline is (graphic design, product design, space design...), and especially in a multimedia design, with a lot of varied user interactions.
But let's stop digressing and let's lloking at some pictures from Donn Koh's portfolio, which I suggest you to visit.

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Ilha Formosa, paper art and data-visualization by Tien-Min Liao

Tien-Min Liao is a young taïwanese designer, who decided to continue her studies in New York after being graduated in her country. Loving her country and her culture, she realised that a large part of american people doesn't really know Taïwan. It gives her the idea to make an explicative book about life and culture in Taïwan.
Playing with the fashions of data-visualization and paper art, she made very good quality book, full of details and subtleties, which deals with a lot of topics like TV programs, weather, food habits...
More pictures and link in the rest of the article.

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Passion Pictures, film production company

Passion Pictures is a film production company founded in 1987 by Andrew Ruhemann. The company has actually several studios through the world, like in Paris, London, New York or Melbourne. As well as working for advertising, music videos or animation, Passion Picturesworks in the field of television too,and produces documentaries. The company works with several very talented artists from a lot of countries. The videos are simply stunning, with a very high level of finishing, even when special effects are not used. Through the different realisations you can find the intro and outro sequence of the game Rockband - The Beatles, thelast stop motion advertising for Citroen C3, the TV ads for the french bank Caisse d'épargne or also the Gorillaz' music videos... In the rest of this article I suggest you a little selection of their best works, in video of course !

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