Orda Cave

Orda cave, located in Russia, is one of the longer under-water caves of the world. The water temperature is around 4°C, and it has the particularity to be extremely clear. Made of gypsum, its walls shows the geological stratums and make in some places almost cubical blocks.
A team of approximately 20 divers, with photographer Viktor Lyagushkin and journalist Bogdana Vaschenko, is exploring and studying this cave. They shot a wonderful series of very graphical photographs, published through a book.

Naica Cave

Naica Cave, in Mexico, is a crystal cave. Located at 300 meters underground, it's full of gigantic gypsum crytsals. Discovered near a mine, the inner temperature is very hot and the air is very damp, which allows man just to survive a couple of hours.
The scientific teams studying and exploring the cave realised amazing photographs. The geometric shapes of the crystals contrasts with the special suits of the scientists, giving the shots a sci-fi style.