Could you introduce yourself ? How did you came to design and digital art ?

My name is Enrico Bevere and I am an 30 yo Italian freelance graphic designer and artist, and Skatolanera (means "blackbox") is my creative lab.

Since I was a child, drawing is my first passion. First I used pencils, then when I was a little bigger I started to use sprays on walls. When I discovered computer, I started to draw with softwares.

Basically I like drawing. And I like to experiment new ways for doing it. In few words, computer it is only one of many ways to draw.

About digital art, I draw with Photoshop and my graphic tablet, but also with computing softwares. They are very different ways to draw, but I prefer to express myself according to my mood and to inspiration of the moment, without limits.

Experimental typography Smkr

Experimental typography Jellymorf

Experimental typography Fur

Your experimental typographic works are really interesting. You seem to be very skilled both in type design and programing. What are your goals when doing projects like Smkr, Jellymorf or Fur ? Do you use this kind of fonts in commercial works ?

Officially I am a graphic designer, but I am also a programmer and an illustrator.
I started my programmer experience trying to develop small amatorial application with Actionscript, using Flash. Then, for some years I worked as a Flash developer for websites and small video-games and then I decided to conciliate drawing and programming.

I didn't invented the generative art, but that is it!

Generally I didn't start this kind of projects for commercial use. I start it when I am inspired, but I often re-use them for commercial use, as a decoration or titles and captions (see the last Vetus project).
I'm often inspired by nature: if you see my last projects, like Jellymorf or Koy, you should understand what I mean. I think Nature is a great masterpiece, and there is a lot of math in It!

With languages like processing, you use code to draw. Do you consider code as a pencil ? How do you use code to draw fonts ?

Basically I use Processing because it is smarter than Flash and I use Flash for bigger and more complex projects. But I don't use it as a pencil. If I want use something like a pencil, I use pencils! I write a lot of math function, then I click "START". I like consider the coding ambient like a small world, in which I decide the basic rules and then I stay to watch while it generate itself.

Experimental typography No.IS

In your work "Anatomy of design", you detail the basic components of the designer work. What do you like more precisely in graphic / multimedia design ?

What I prefer? All of it. I think that designer's work is a combination of many particular aspects. Designer is not an engineer, designer is not a drawer, designer is not a typographer. Designer is a designer, and he must have a precise serie of competences.
What I hate of the contemporary design, graphic design in this case, is that ADV is often at service of the big selling companies, and not at service of people. This is not right information but only a rush for sale, so I watch ADV only for fun and inspiration, not for buying something.
I would like to work for people, for consumers and not for companies.

What are your next projects ?

How you know, Italy is in a tragic economic crisis, due to the incompetence of our political class, and I don't know how the future will be for young people. Currently I am collaborating on graphic interfaces and illustration for Ipad applications, and on development of Flash application for various training courses. And obviously, I continue with my generative experiments.

Thank you very much Enrico for this little interview and for sharing your pictures and experience on !

Thanks you a lot for your interest, I am very happy to share my works and my thought on other networks and with different people. I didn't know your blog before, I think it is an interesting place for various inspiration.

You can have a more detailed look on the work of Enrico Bevere here :
His Behance Portfolio