Could you introduce yourself ? How did you came to illustration ?

I was born in Greece (Larisa) in March 1984. After finishing school I moved to the UK (Plymouth) where I completed a BA Photomedia and Design Communication. I have since moved back to Greece and have been concentrating on doing freelance work.

When I look at your portfolio, I can see an amazing illustration work, but also some elements which could be considered as graphic design (compositions, lettering, use of colours, etc). Do you consider yourself as a graphic designer ? According to you, where could be the border between illustration and graphic design ?

I only use these aspects as a way to 'finish up' an illustration or project so I can't really answer this. I think it is up to the audience to judge if I am a graphic designer or illustrator.

As said before, some of your works contain letterings and typography. How do you use the fonts you design (like the Fuel font for instance) ?

I only created these fonts for presentation reasons so I don't really use them.

On your website you show your creative process with photographs and step-by-step views. Why is it important for you to show your process ?

I decided to include it as a complete section in the presentation of each project so that the viewer has a more complete picture about the final illustration and also I think people appreciate things more when they know more about the process.

A short question to finish, how long does a project like "Noire" take you to complete ?

It takes approximately 80 hours.

Thank you very much Alexis for this interview !

You can find the work of Alexis Marcou here :
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