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Print design : LWLies - On the road edition

On the road par Little White Lies, un magazine expérimental à la manière de Jack Kerouac

For their "On the road" untitled issue, creators of independant english magazine Little White Lies decided to get inspiration from Jack Kerouac and his famous book "On the Road". They produced the magazine with the same process as Kerouac wrote his manuscript : on a long single paper scroll, like the old volumens.
The result is a very unusual magazine format, mixing up writing machine text and original illustrations, directly drawn on the same paper scroll and almost in the same time. The "handmade" aspect is very present and recalls some artist's travel sketchbooks. Illustrations are varied and interesting, but the detail which really seduced me is the calligraphed headtitles, very dynamic and contrasting with the structured paragraph of machine typed texts.

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Tres Hombres branding

Identité visuelle du rhum Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres is a very special rum brand. Created by three european friends (they met each others on the sea), this rum, produced in the caribean, is the very first rum of the 21st century to be conveyed in Europe by an environment-friendly way.To achieve this goal, the three friends built a sailing boat, allowing them to cross the Atlantic ocean in two months, in order to deliver the product in Europe. The whole production tries to be as much ecological as possible, by labelling the bottles manually by example.
The branding has been created by dutch art director Kim Stassar. Even if it's not very original, it fits well to the simple but adventurous concept, like an invitation to the travel and the sea... The ship theme, which is pretty common in rum identities, gets here another dimension when we thought that the spirit has been delivered by this very special sailboat.

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Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat package design by Rice Creative

This beautiful package work, designed by Rice Creative for the brand Marou has already been published on package design websites, but I can't help writing an article about it. Marou, Faiseurs de chocolat is a high-end chocolate maker located in Vietnam, founded by a small french team who aims to create great products based on local farming production.

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Lisa Fleck, graphic designer and photographer

Lisa Fleck is a graphic designer and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She's got a lot of skills, and her typography, graphic design and photography works are all interesting and inspiring. I particularly noticed her edition works for the Design Forum Vienna which seems amazing.

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Calligraphy and football, Kaalam for STC Sport

a saudi campain mixing up football and calligraphy

Browsing some projects on Behance I discovered this great work mixing up football and calligraphy. STC, a saudi media company, wanted to make a campain to promote its international football activity, but without losing its arabic and saudi culture. They choose to mix into the picture two themes : football and calligraphy, to recall the local culture. In order to create these pictures they ask french freelancer calligrapher Julien Breton, also known as Kaalam, to design the calligraphy.

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Moodley brand identity, corporate identity specialists

Moodley Brand Identity is an austrian agency which specializes in corporate design. It implies a very large field of competences, from marketing to graphic design or package design. The works have really a great quality. The identities are not limited to logotypes and graphic guidelines but they build a real brand universe playing with a lot of medias.

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