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Blurred Faces by Yujiro Tada

Blurred Faces, a photography project by Yujiro Tada

Blurred Faces is a project created by japanese photographer Yujiro Tada. Between photography and illustration, the pictures mix up back and white photographs with watercolor drips and stains. These images could recall fashion illustration, with a very light aspect but an interesting and evocative idea.

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Giuseppe Mileti, a vision of nature

Discovered by chance on the Behance network, photographs of Giuseppe Mileti have a real style, a singular approach of nature and photography. Nature, trees and woods are the main subject of these works. Playing with texture, saturation and light, the trees seems mysterious, ghostly, but also very live and almost moving.

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Sumeru, an inner journey by Nick Pedersen

Sumeru is a photographic montage series by Nick Pedersen. Inspired by zen meditation, the pictures depict the mental journey we travel while meditating, the spirit runing over different steps of perceptions and consciousness. Very dream-like pictures, full of details and pictures, with a strong symbolism.

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And Then, photo series by Jo Metson and Nicola Yeoman

And Then, a nice photography project with imaginary atmsopheres

And Then is a photography project created by artists Jo Metson and Nicola Yeoman. This project, between land art and photography, shows natural objects inside the woods, creating new spaces at the border of imaginary. The atmospheres are particularly designed, with a great work on light and myst, bringing some mystery to the pictures.

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People - Vegetables ! photo series by Platon Terentev

Peoples - vegetables ! a black & white photo series by  Platon Terentev

People - Vegetables ! is a black & white photo series by the russian photographer Platon Terentev. Found by chance on Behance, I didn't find more information about this series or it's author. But these shots have something of surrealistic and graphic, in the superimposition of vegetables shapes on daily urban scenes. I don't know how the artist made this effect (surely while developping), but the work on the grain and sharpness is great.

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Strangers of Singapore's streets : the work of Danny Santos

Furtive figures, frank and honest expressions, funny scenes of the everyday life... The shots of Danny Santos remind me a kind of photographic sketchbook of urban life, full of details and different characters. The crowd, which could erase the particularities and give the street a homogeneous aspect, is used by the photographer as a background in order to highlight a face, or a posture...
Trained as graphic designer, Danny Santos is a week end photographer, loving to shoot strangers in the streets of Singapore, through different styles : close-up portraits, atmospheres, night shots...
I find in his work a kind of sincerity which is a bit rare to found. Maybe the frontal compositions increase this feeling, giving the sensation to have the subject just in front of you.
Some pictures and link in the rest of this post.

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