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Robot, visual effects and strange videos

Robot, an australian visual effects agency

Robot is an australian visual effects agency, mostly working for commercial videos. Their productions are very impressive, both by the great technique and the very strange scenarios. The videos are fun but often weird and sometimes a bit disturbing. The teaser of their upcoming production, Fugu & Tako, is a good example : it tells the story of a japanese salaryman with a fish head. In addition, the agency has a partnership with the great french production agency ChezEddy, which produced several videos you can watch on this blog.

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Tefal history book by cumulus

the history of Tefal in video, directed by Cumulus

The french motion design studio Cumulus, located in Lyon, just launched his last production for E-magineurs and the Seb group. This video tells the history of Tefal brand, since its creation in 1956 until today. The history is seen through the flipping pages of a book. The whole is very fluid and the motion design effects are very well animated and integrated.

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Habitant, korean motion design studio

Habitant is a korean motion design studio. With ten designers of a large field of creation , the team works on videos and animations for advertising, conference projections and exhibitions as well as more artistic projects that we can find projected on walls or in art exhibitions. A minimalist and sensible approach recall slightly the asian origins of the studio.

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Outer Space by Sander van den Berg

Outer Space, un film composé d'images de l'espace de Cassini et Voyager

Nature is full of mysteries and poetry, and space more particularly has something really beyond our imagination. NASA's missions Cassini and Voyager took hundreds of stunning photographs of our solar system and universe. Everyone can download them for free on the NASA's website, allowing the passionates to create montages and movies with it. Sander van den Berg, a freelance editor from the Netherlands, created a very graphic little video by editing the consecutive shots, animating the shots with the stop motion technique. The video shows planets and moons moving, turning, beautiful lights... A very nice video !

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8 hands, 4 pianos, gershwin piano quartet

With this video producted for the Gershwin Piano Quartet, director Georg Lendorff surely found one of the simplest but efficient way to graphically represent music. The height hands of the players, their reflections on the pianos, a great light allow the pictures to perfectly convey the music, through its rythms, melodys and the expressiveness of the pianists. And if you like Gershwin's music, it's even better !

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Flightpath Media House teaser

Flightpath Media House teaser, une belle vidéo tournée aux îles Fidji

Flightpath Media House is a production company which specializes in commercials and videos for resorts and tourism industry (in very nice countries). The young company just lauched recently her first production, a teaser of their works in Fiji Islands. A nice production, with some beautiful slow-motion shots and a great editing.

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