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Subsidance Art Print by Jonny Packham

Subsidance, une sérigraphie par Jonny Packham

I wrote some times ago an article about the illustration work of Jonny Packham for a haiku book entitled The Ebb and Flow. The illustrator updated his website and allows to discover a new silkscreen printed work called Subsidance. A video of the printing process has been shot, and it's always exciting to see how a picture was created !

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The Ebb and Flow : illustrations by Jonny Packham

British illustrator Jonny Packham realised a great illustration work for The Ebb and Flow, a haikus book written by Ben Bowsher. A balanced and original style, which develops its own universe with a street art influence. The few prints plays with metallic powders and over printings in order to create a very unique pieces of art.

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Illustrations by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Illustrations by Russian artist Vikto Miller-Gausa

Viktor Miller-Gausais a Russian illustrator working in Syktyvkar. His style is a mix of line drawing and coloured inks, giving his creations a very dynamic and graphic feel. A style which could remind comic books or event the Art Nouveau movement, with a lot of details and curves. Hard to find more informations about the artist, he seems not to have website, but you can discover his works through Behance or Flickr.

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Sketchtravel, the travelling sketchbook

Sketchtravel, a unique project featuring works of illustrators from all aroud the world in a single sketchbook

Sketchtravel is a unique project started by two illustrators, Dice Tsutsumi from Japan and Gérald Guerlais from France. The idea is very simple : a sketchbook of approximately 60 pages, gave hand to hand by artists all around the world. Each artist (cartoonist, illustrator, animator...) fill a page with an original artwork. Among these talented people, you can find some "stars" like Rebecca Dautremer (a very famous illustrator in France), Hayao Miyazaki or Bill Plympton.

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Super 8 concept arts by Jamie Rama

Super 8 movie's concept artworks, designed by Jamie Rama

You may have seen Super 8, the great film by J.J Abrams, released in France a few weeks ago. I discovered today the concept art designed for the movie production by Jamie Rama, and they are just stunning. The pictures are very very well realisaed, but the most sensational is the way the movie looks like these pictures. If you remember some scenes of the film you can easily find them into these artworks.
More pictures in the rest of this post !

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The best style is no style : illustrations by Sachin Teng

"The best style is no style" - Bruce Lee
This quotation is from the little bio page of the website of Sachin Teng, and I find it perfectly sums up his style. His illustrations, very dynamic and colourful, are a mix up of influences in which you can find an asian aspect, but american inspirations too (maybe comics particularly), and even traditionnal painting and illustration. Some of his artworks are very close to the graphic design, with abstract shapes (sometimes QR codes) contrasting with the textures and sharpness of hand drawing.
Pictures and links in the rest of the post.

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