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Settlements and City Strategies by Vigilism

Une vision de la ville par l'artiste numérique Vigilism

Vigilism aka Lekan Jeyifo is a digital artist born in Nigeria and based in Brooklyn, New York. In his illustrations series untitled Settlements and City Strategies, he shares his own vision of urban atmospheres. His pictures mix up fragmented compositions, playing with geometric shapes in a 3D architecture rendering way, and vintage colours and textures, warming up the images.
In the second part of the series, the artist plays with semi-realistic maps, with weird informations of networks, directions, key points...

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Illustrations by Masha Karpushina

Masha Karpushina is a russo-british illustrator born in USSR in 1982. A lot of different clients chose her graphic style to create magazine illustration, advertising or package design. She introduces her work with these words : "She is driven by the power of nature, the beauty within man and beast, traditions of past generations and the essence of love." Her portfolio is essentially composed of ink or pencil line drawings playing with watercolor paintings, but some of her works also contain photography.

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Steve Burg, Prometheus concept art and more

Steve Burg, concept artiste de Prometheus et autres grands films de science fiction

Steve Burg is an american concept artist, who worked on several of the biggest movies of science-fiction since the 80's. With works for Total Recall, Waterworld, Terminator 2 or the recent Prometheus, he conceived very detailed universes and more particularly machines and ships. Something very interesting with this artist is that he began to work when digital wasn't used for concept art. His first pictures were painted with gouache or markers, but he currently works essentially in digital art, with a strong base of 3D modeling.

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Zhan Wei, chinese skate art

zhan wei is a chinese graphic designer and illustrator from Guilin. Full member of the Hong Kong Society of illustrators, his work is influenced by street art and skateboard. His style mixes up a chinese visual culture legacy (through typography and calligraphy by example) and a kind of transgression inherited from skateboard universe and underground cultures.

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Hink, Istanbul multidisciplinary studio

Hink, studio de design et illustration à Istanbul

Hink is a pluridisciplinary design studio located in Istanbul, Turkey. Bringing together three designers, the studio works on illustration, graphic design and motion design projects.

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Interview : illustrator Alexis Marcou

Interview of Alexis Marcou

It's with a great pleasure that I publish in this article a short interview of Alexis Marcou, a very talented greek illustrator. His pictures, hand-drawn for a very large part, keep the strenght and sensitivity of the pencil but inherit some features from graphic design too. Besides, his portfolio contains very interesting letterings and even some fonts.
Another thing I really like in this portfolio is the display of the projects which mix up photographs, sketches, notes, and give an idea of the process of the work.

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